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Schedules. Schedules to this Agreement form a part of it.
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Schedules. Schedule 1.1A: Commitments Schedule 1.1B: Existing Letters of Credit Schedule 4.4: Governmental Approvals, Consents, Authorizations, Filings and Notices Schedule 4.13: Pension Plans Schedule 4.15: Subsidiaries Schedule 4.17: Environmental Matters Schedule 4.19(a): Financing Statements and Other Filings Schedule 7.2(d): Existing Indebtedness Schedule 7.3(f): Existing Liens Schedule 7.8(e): Existing Investments EXHIBITS Exhibit A: [Reserved] Exhibit B: Form of Compliance Certificate Exhibit C: Form of Secretary’s/Managing Member’s Certificate Exhibit D: Form of Solvency Certificate Exhibit E: Form of Assignment and Assumption Exhibits F-1 – F-4: Forms of U.S. Tax Compliance Certificate Exhibit G: [Reserved] Exhibit H-1: Form of Revolving Loan Note Exhibit H-2: Form of Swingline Loan Note Exhibit I: [Reserved] Exhibit J: Form of Collateral Information Certificate Exhibit K: Form of Notice of Borrowing Exhibit L: Form of Notice of Conversion/Continuation AMENDED AND RESTATED CREDIT AGREEMENT THIS AMENDED AND RESTATED CREDIT AGREEMENT (this “Agreement”), dated as of February 19, 2021, is entered into by and among NERDWALLET, INC., a Delaware corporation (“NerdWallet”), NERDWALLET COMPARE, INC., a Delaware corporation (“NW Compare” and together with NerdWallet, individually and collectively as the context requires, jointly and severally, the “Borrower”), the several banks and other financial institutions or entities from time to time party to this Agreement (each a “Lender” and, collectively, the “Lenders”), SILICON VALLEY BANK (“SVB”), as the Issuing Lender and the Swingline Lender, and SVB, as administrative agent and collateral agent for the Lenders (in such capacities, together with any successors and assigns in such capacities, the “Administrative Agent”).
Schedules. (2) The following attached Schedules form part of this Agreement:
Schedules. All Schedules attached to this Agreement shall be deemed to be a part of this Agreement as if set forth fully in this Agreement.
Schedules. 2.1 Certain Liabilities Assumed 42 2.1(a) Excluded Deposit Liability Accounts 43
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Schedules. (1) The schedules annexed hereto form part of this Settlement Agreement.
Schedules. Schedule 1.01 Liens on Shares / Definitions Schedule 2.02 Purchase Price Allocation Schedule 3.03 Governmental Consents Schedule 3.04 Noncontravention Schedule 3.05 Capitalization Schedule 3.07 Subsidiaries Schedule 3.08 Financial Statements Schedule 3.09 Absence of Certain Changes Schedule 3.10 Certain Liabilities Schedule 3.11 Intercompany Accounts Schedule 3.12 Certain Contracts Schedule 3.13 Litigation Schedule 3.15 Properties Schedule 3.16 Intellectual Property Schedule 3.17 Insurance Schedule 3.19 Employees Schedule 3.20(a) List of Employee Plans Schedule 3.20(f) Employee Benefit Plans–Increases or Changes to Benefits and/or Acceleration of Payment or Vesting under any Benefit Plans and Arrangements as a Result of the Transaction Schedule 3.21 Environmental Matters Schedule 3.22(c) Taxes–Tax Jurisdictions Schedule 3.22(f) Taxes–Entity Status Schedule 3.22(k) Tax Sharing Agreements Schedule 4.05 Financing Commitment Letters Schedule 6.03 Trademarks and Tradenames Schedule 9.02 Employee Agreements and Change of Control Schedule 10.02(d) Liens Schedule 10.02(g) Third Party Consents EXHIBIT A Opinion of Seller’s Counsel STOCK PURCHASE AGREEMENT AGREEMENT dated as of March 14, 2003 among Wings Holdings, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Buyer”), XxXxxxx Aircraft Holdings, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Seller”), and XxXxxxx Holdings Co., a Delaware corporation (“Parent”).
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