Operating Plan definition

Operating Plan means a plan adopted or amended under this section for the development, redevelopment, maintenance, operation and promotion of a business improvement district, including all of the following:
Operating Plan means the annual plan of Mining Operations submitted pursuant to paragraph 14.2.
Operating Plan means a plan developed by a receiving facility for receiving septage waste that specifies at least all of the following:

Examples of Operating Plan in a sentence

  • The CEMP will be prepared by the Contractor during the pre-construction phase to ensure commitments included in the statutory approvals are adhered to, and that it integrates the requirements of the CEMP, Environmental Operating Plan (EOP) and the Construction and Demolition Waste Management Plan (CDWMP).

  • Operating PlanTo enable us to deliver our mission and vision, in May 2021, the Board agreed a one-year Operating Plan.

  • Following the implementation of the measures outlined in the Environmental Operating Plan in Appendix D of Appendix A5.1 in Volume 4 of this EIAR, there is will likely to be a negative, slight, temporary residual effect on water quality during the construction phase of the proposed development.

  • These working groups are held in compliance with the Institutional Operating Plan for the years indicated above, for example Presidential Resolution No. 003-2010-INPE/P on the National Prison Institute approving the Institutional Operating Plan.

  • The contractor will be responsible for the production, implementation and maintenance of an Environmental Operating Plan (EOP).

More Definitions of Operating Plan

Operating Plan means a plan adopted or amended under this section for the development, redevelopment, maintenance, operation, and promotion of a neighborhood improvement dis- trict.
Operating Plan or “Operation Plan” means the detailed Route plan and trip schedule for the Bus Service, which is developed and finalised by the Authority.
Operating Plan means the life of mine operating plan for the Twangiza Project delivered to the Purchaser on the date hereof.
Operating Plan means the overall annual plan for the management and leasing of the Project consisting of an Operating Budget, Marketing Plan, Capital Budget and Rent Schedule, each of which have been approved by Owner.
Operating Plan means an operating plan for the Seller’s Plant that includes for the term of each operating plan, (a) a schedule of the expected total deliveries of Energy at the POI in each month, (b) a schedule of any Planned Outages of the Seller’s Plant expected by the Seller, and