Publicly available definition

Publicly available means any information that the disclosing party has a reasonable basis to believe is lawfully made available to the general public from federal, state, or local government records, widely distributed media, or disclosures made to the general public that are required by federal, state, or local law.
Publicly available means accessible to consumers, without their having to request it, before placing their food orders or making their selections.
Publicly available means the source of the information allows access to the information by anyone upon request.

Examples of Publicly available in a sentence

  • Publicly available information or information known at the time of its use or disclosure to third parties shall not be deemed to be confidential information, unless such availability or knowledge resulted from breach of legal or contractual obligation of the Partner.

More Definitions of Publicly available

Publicly available information shall mean readily accessible to the public in written publication, and shall not include information which is only available by a substantial searching of the published literature, and information the substance of which must be pieced together from a number of different publications and sources;
Publicly available means posted or prominently displayed within public areas of the hospital, and provided to the individual in writing and explained, at the time that the hospital requests information from the responsible party with regard to the availability of any third-party coverage, in any language spoken by more than ten percent of the population in the hospital's service area, and interpreted for other non-English speaking or limited-English speaking or other patients who can not read or understand the writing and explanation;
Publicly available means published on a website or through scholarly publication, etc.
Publicly available means the information is available to anyone, without prior clearance or qualification. Examples of publicly available data include census data, state court records, openly available national household surveys, or data available on the web. If you need a Data Use Agreement, it is not publicly available.
Publicly available means posted on the Registry or readily available to a participant upon request.
Publicly available means available to the general public, with or without charge. Under condition (b) above, investigators with legitimate access may view identified information, but may not record identities, identifiers, or codes that link private information to individual subjects. Even a brief recording of identifiers or codes disqualifies the exemption. This category excludes studies of publicly authored documentation such as newspaper articles, novels, works of art, or a literature review.
Publicly available means that information is either already accessible by the public (e.g., compliance/non-compliance reports, statistics, inspection or other reports published on a regulatory website, or compliance/non-compliance-related information published by the company), or that information could be accessed through legal public means (e.g., through information requests to regulators).