Courses Sample Clauses

Courses. - the field guides, and Apprentice trails guide courses offered by Bushwise, and “Course” shall mean any one of them as the context mayindicate;
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Courses. Compensation shall not be paid for travelling time to courses, training sessions, conferences and seminars which an employee attends for the purpose of career development, unless he or she is required to attend by the Company.
Courses. Assigned As Overload 62
Courses. The Committee shall reimburse a professional employee in an amount not to exceed seven hundred dollars ($700.00) in any contract year (July 1 – June 30) for a course approved in advance by the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent and which, in the discretion of the Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent, is directly related to the employee’s area. Computer courses are related to all areas. Reimbursement shall be contingent upon the employee's obtaining a satisfactory grade in any such course according to the standards of the institution and submitting evidence of such satisfactory completion to the Superintendent. In no event will a grade lower than "C" be reimbursable. A C- will not be reimbursed. Courses for reimbursement must be college credits although not necessarily graduate level credit. CEU's will not be reimbursable.
Courses. Dual enrollment courses will be available on the USF campus and the USF online educa ional platfonn. Courses are subject to resource availability including staffing, credentialing and other constraints. Dual enrollment courses will be taught either by USF faculty or by USF instructors credentialed by USF.Courses eligible for the dual enrollment program must meet the following criteria:a. Listed within the statewide course description and numbering system on the current State of Florida Duul Enrollment Cour e-· High School Subject Equivalency list and fall under the subject areas of English, mathematics, science, foreign language, social studies and electives. Eligible courses for the 2019-2020 academic year are outli ed in Appendix A;b. ulfill the requirements of an associate or baccalaureate degree; 00159365.DOCX c. Apply toward the student's high school diploma and replace high school courses in the same discipline that otherwise would have been taken; andCourses are not eligible for inclusion in the du l enrollment program if the course contain co1lege preparatory instruction and other fonns of pre-collegiate instruction or developmental education, as well as physical education courses that focus on the physical execution of a skill rather than the intellectual attributes of the activity and courses not specified in the State ofFlorida Dual Enrollment Course - High Sch ol Equivalency Ust.Courses outlined in Ap11endix B require either prerequisite work and/or higher standardized test scores.
Courses. In order to qualify for credit, units of study or courses of work must meet the following conditions: Professional growth may be achieved by an employee through participation in any of the following categories, provided the program is followed: college courses, junior/community college courses, trade school courses, adult education courses, workshops, seminars, first aid and CPR classes.
Courses. - the field guide and back-up trails guide courses offered by Bushwise, and “Course” shall mean any one of them as the context may indicate;
Courses. - the field guides, and back-up trails guide courses offered by Bushwise, and “Course”shall mean any one of them as the context mayindicate;
Courses. - the field guides, hospitality, and back-up trails guide courses offered by Bushwise, and “Course” shall mean any one of them as the con- text may indicate;
Courses. 150.00/Course 51-100 Courses: $125.00/Course 101-250 Courses: $100.00/Course 250+: Custom Pricing