Not Offer Sample Clauses

Not Offer. The submission of this Sublease for review or signature by Sublessee shall not constitute an offer or option to sublease the Subleased Premises, nor shall this Sublease be effective as a sublease or otherwise until both parties execute and deliver execution counterparts of this Sublease and Master Lessor approves this Sublease in writing.
Not Offer. The submission of this Agreement to Buyer shall not constitute an offer and neither Buyer nor Seller shall be obligated to purchase or sell the Property until this Agreement is executed by Buyer and Seller. Prior to execution of this Agreement by Buyer and Seller, Seller expressly reserves the right to negotiate with other prospective buyers of the Property or to decline to sell or dispose of the Property without penalty or any obligation to Buyer.

Related to Not Offer

  • Grant Offer 2.1 Subject to the Recipient complying with the terms and conditions set out in this Grant Agreement and the Grant Letter, the Commissioner offers to pay the Grant to the Recipient as a contribution towards eligible expenditure.

  • Offer Preparation of this Lease by either Party or their agent and submission of same to the other Party shall not be deemed an offer to lease to the other Party. This Lease is not intended to be binding until executed and delivered by all Parties hereto.

  • Exempt Offering Assuming the accuracy of the Purchasers’ representations and warranties set forth in this Agreement, no registration under the Securities Act is required for the offer and sale of the Subordinated Notes by the Company to the Purchasers.

  • Not an Offer Seller’s delivery of unsigned copies of this Agreement is solely for the purpose of review by the party to whom delivered, and neither the delivery nor any prior communications between the parties, whether oral or written, shall in any way be construed as an offer by Seller, nor in any way imply that Seller is under any obligation to enter the transaction which is the subject of this Agreement. The signing of this Agreement by Purchaser constitutes an offer which shall not be deemed accepted by Seller unless and until Seller has signed this Agreement and delivered a duplicate original to Purchaser.

  • No Offer The submission of this Lease to Tenant shall not be construed as an offer, and Tenant shall not have any rights under this Lease unless Landlord executes a copy of this Lease and delivers it to Tenant.

  • Subsequent Offerings Subject to applicable securities laws, each Major Investor shall have a right of first refusal to purchase its pro rata share of all Equity Securities, as defined below, that the Company may, from time to time, propose to sell and issue after the date of this Agreement, other than the Equity Securities excluded by Section 4.6 hereof. Each Major Investor’s pro rata share is equal to the ratio of (a) the number of shares of the Company’s Common Stock (including all shares of Common Stock issuable or issued upon conversion of the Shares or upon the exercise of outstanding warrants or options) of which such Major Investor is deemed to be a holder immediately prior to the issuance of such Equity Securities to (b) the total number of shares of the Company’s outstanding Common Stock (including all shares of Common Stock issued or issuable upon conversion of the Shares or upon the exercise of any outstanding warrants or options) immediately prior to the issuance of the Equity Securities.

  • Offer Notice (i) The Company shall give written notice (the “Offering Notice”) to the Purchaser and the other Forward Contract Parties stating its bona fide intention to offer the New Equity Securities and specifying the number of New Equity Securities and the material terms and conditions, including the price, pursuant to which the Company proposes to offer the New Equity Securities and the applicable pro rata share of such New Equity Securities offered to the Purchaser pursuant to such Offering Notice.

  • The Offer (a) Provided that this Agreement shall not have been terminated in accordance with Section 8.01 and none of the events set forth in Annex A hereto shall have occurred or be existing, Purchaser shall commence the Offer as promptly as reasonably practicable after the date hereof, but in no event later than five business days after the date hereof. The obligation of Purchaser to accept for payment and pay for Shares tendered pursuant to the Offer shall be subject to the condition (the "Minimum Condition") that at least the number of Shares that combined with the Shares already owned by Parent, Purchaser or any of their affiliates shall constitute a majority of the then outstanding Shares on a fully diluted basis (including, without limitation, all Shares issuable upon the conversion of any convertible securities or upon the exercise of any options, warrants or rights) shall have been validly tendered and not withdrawn prior to the expiration of the Offer and also shall be subject to the satisfaction of the other conditions set forth in Annex A hereto. Purchaser expressly reserves the right to waive any such condition, to increase the price per Share payable in the Offer, and to make any other changes in the terms and conditions of the Offer; provided, however, that, without the prior written consent of the Company, no change may be made which decreases the price per Share payable in the Offer or which changes or waives the Minimum Condition or which changes the form of consideration to be paid in the Offer or which extends the period that the Offer is outstanding for one or more periods not to exceed thirty days in the aggregate or which reduces the maximum number of Shares to be purchased in the Offer or which imposes conditions to the Offer in addition to those set forth in Annex A hereto. The Per Share Amount shall, subject to applicable withholding of taxes, be paid net to the seller in cash, upon the terms and subject to the conditions of the Offer. Subject to the terms and conditions of the Offer (including, without limitation, the Minimum Condition), Purchaser shall pay, as promptly as practicable after expiration of the Offer, for all Shares validly tendered into and not withdrawn from, the Offer.

  • Offer to Repurchase In the event that, pursuant to Section 3.7, the Issuer is required to commence an offer to all Holders to purchase the Notes (an “Offer to Repurchase”), it shall follow the procedures specified below:

  • Change of Control Offer Upon the occurrence of a Change of Control, each Holder of Notes shall have the right to require the Issuer to repurchase all or any part of such Holder’s Notes, in a minimum principal amount of $200,000, pursuant to the Change of Control Offer at the Change of Control Purchase Price equal to 101% of the principal amount thereof, plus accrued and unpaid interest and Additional Amounts, if any, to the purchase date (subject to the right of Holders of record on the relevant Record Date to receive interest due on the relevant Interest Payment Date), provided that no Notes of less than $200,000 can be repurchased in part, except that if all of the Notes of such Holder are to be repurchased, the entire amount of such Notes held by such Holder shall be repurchased.