Grades Sample Clauses

Grades. If at the Applicant's request the New Facilities are installed in easements or rights of way where final grades have not been established or in streets whose grades have not been brought to those established by public authority, Applicant, upon written notice by Utility, shall deposit with Utility forthwith the estimated cost, including applicable income taxes, as determined by Utility, of relocating, raising or lowering the New Facilities upon establishment of final grades. Adjustment of any difference between the amount so deposited and the actual cost of relocating, raising or lowering the New Facilities shall be made within thirty (30) days after Utility has ascertained such actual cost. Utility will refund the entire deposit including applicable income taxes relating to such proposed relocation, raising or lowering when appropriate authority determines that such displacements are not required.
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Grades. Successful completion of an academic activity during an Educational Sabbatical Leave shall be demonstrated by a “C” grade or better. A unit member who does not achieve a “C” grade or better may repeat the course or courses within the next academic year at no cost to the District or further released time to achieve a “C” grade or better GPA.
Grades. No reimbursement shall be made or considered due for any course work in which the member receives a grade less than a B (or a GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale). Courses having no grading scale (such as pass/fail) shall be ineligible for reimbursement. Section 15.2 Reimbursement Procedure Reimbursement will be made within a reasonable period of time after the Member presents to the Board of Trustees (a) an official transcript, certificate or grade report confirming successful completion of the course with a grade of “B” (i.e. GPA of 3.0) or better; (b) a fee statement; and (c) a receipt of payment or a copy of the unpaid tuition bill from the institution. Section 15.3 Repayment of Tuition Reimbursement If a member resigns or is discharged prior to the completion of three (3) years of continuous active service following the completion of any course work, the member shall immediately repay the entire amount of the tuition reimbursement paid by the Township for courses taken and completed within the previous three(3) year period. The Township is authorized to automatically deduct all or any portion of the amount owed by the Member from any monies otherwise due the Member at the time of separation, and the member shall, upon request, sign an authorization to such effect.
Grades. Determination of the grading practice or policy shall be the responsibility of the District in it discretion. Teachers shall have the primary responsibility to implement the District’s policy/practice. If a change to a student’s grade is requested, the teacher shall be notified and given an opportunity to discuss the proposed change. The person making the change shall take responsibility for the change and notify the teacher.
Grades. All teachers, including ESE teachers, have primary responsibility and authority for giving marks indicating a student's progress in class, subject to the review of the principal of the school. This applies whether the marks being given are letter grades or S/N/U symbols. The principal also may request a review of the information recorded by a teacher which justifies the marks of a student. However, the marks given a student by a teacher are subject to modification only by the Superintendent of Schools. In the event such change is made, the Superintendent's directive will be reduced to writing and a copy provided to the teacher. So that parents and students shall have access to grades in a timely manner in order to track academic progress, teachers shall place grades into the electronic gradebook system in a timely manner, bit in no way more than ten school days, of the assignment due date or the administration of the exam. Any task force or committee organized to review and recommend changes to the procedure for giving grades to students shall include representation from Duval Teachers United.
Grades. For first, second, and third quarter grades, teachers will have until the end of the work day, seven calendar days after the end of the quarter to submit their grades to the office. Teachers will have until the end of the work day, the school day after the end of the fourth quarter to submit their final grades. Teachers of eighth grade students and high school seniors will have at least one work day after their students end school to calculate their final grades.
Grades. Grades earned by students enrolled in Courses offered as part of this CCAP Agreement shall be posted on the official College transcript. Students may submit a request for Pass/No Pass, prior to PCCD’s Add/Drop deadline, if the Course is designed as such in the college approved course outline of record.
Grades. Submit all documents regarding grades within the deadlines established by the College.
Grades. Teachers shall have the responsibility of assigning grades to students. Should an Administrator determine, in his/her sole discretion, that a grade should be changed, the Administrator shall recommend the change to the Board or its designee for consideration. The Teacher whose grade(s) is/are affected shall have the right to make a presentation to the Board or its designee prior to Board determination. In the event of a grade change determined by the Board or its designee, notice shall be given to the parent that the grade was assigned by Board determination.
Grades. The University and the AAUP-WSU agree that the individual Bargaining Unit Faculty Member retains the authority to make the final determination of the grade to be awarded to each student in his or her class.