Home Page definition

Home Page means the Borrower’s corporate home page on the World Wide Web accessible through the Internet via the universal resource locator (URL) identified as xxxx://xxx.xxxxxxx.xxx or such other universal resource locator that it shall designate in writing to the Agent as its corporate home page on the World Wide Web.
Home Page means the first page or welcome page of an internet website that serves as a starting point for navigation of the internet website.
Home Page means, with respect to a Web Site, the Web page designated by the operator of the Web Site as the initial and primary end user interface for the Web Site.

Examples of Home Page in a sentence

  • The following employee benefit plans are considered part of this agreement: Extended Health Plan SGEU Long Term Disability Plan PEBA Group Life Insurance Plan Public Service Superannuation Plan Public Employees’ Pension Plan Public Employees’ Benefits Agency Dental Plan Municipal Employees’ Superannuation Plan The plan texts can be linked through mySaskPolytech on the Human Resources Home Page.

  • You may obtain copies of this document and certain other available documents from the EPA Internet Home Page at http:// xxx.xxx.xxx/.

  • On the Home Page select ‘‘Laws and Regulations’’,’’ Regulations and Proposed Rules, and then look up the entry for this document under the ‘‘Federal Register—Environmental Documents.’’ You can also go directly to the Federal Register listings at http:// xxx.xxx.xxx/xxxxxxxx/.

More Definitions of Home Page

Home Page means the primary entry point web page of a web site;
Home Page means the first webpage a visitor sees upon entering a website that identifies the
Home Page means the initial Web Page of a Web Site seen by a user once the user has directed web browsing technology to access the Web Site's URL.
Home Page means the introductory page of an Internet
Home Page means the Page initially presented to the User when accessing the primarily advertised Web Site URL. For the purposes of this Agreement, any Page that has the attributes of a Home Page shall be deemed to be the "Home Page," even if it also has attributes of any of the following: a Search Results Page, Content Zone Page and/or Directory Page.
Home Page or “Play Page” means any page on the Website where a User can successfully place an entry;
Home Page means any of—