Temporary Absence Sample Clauses

Temporary Absence. Any Trustee may, by power of attorney, delegate his power for a period not exceeding six months at any time to any other Trustee or Trustees, provided that in no case shall fewer than two Trustees personally exercise the other powers hereunder except as herein otherwise expressly provided.
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Temporary Absence. An employee who needs to be absent from duty for a period of less than two (2) hours for an emergency (including doctor’s appointments), community service, or an educational growth activity may be excused by the principal or supervisor without loss of pay, if, in the judgment of the principal or supervisor, duties can be covered to the satisfaction of all concerned. This absence will not be used more than twice per year.
Temporary Absence. A Member who is temporarily absent from work for whatever reason may be deemed to continue as a Member, as specified in the Schedule under Temporary Absence. If payment of premiums has been discontinued during any such period of Temporary Absence then the benefit of the Member may be recommenced without evidence of health following the Member’s completion of two consecutive calendar months without absence in his normal occupation after return to work. For this purpose normal occupation means the occupation followed by the Member immediately prior to the commencement of his Temporary Absence.
Temporary Absence. If you are away from the Home (for example, because of a prearranged holiday or because you are hospitalised) your room will initially be reserved for your return. During the first week of being away, the Fees will continue to be payable in full. After that, the Fees will be reduced by 20%. If you are away from the Home for a continuous period of 6 weeks, we will consult with you and your Representative to seek agreement regarding the further retention of the room. Where you are admitted to hospital, you may require re-assessment before returning to the Home in order to ensure that we can still meet your needs.
Temporary Absence. The following provisions shall apply to employees returning to work from temporary absence:
Temporary Absence. An employee shall notify the employer through a central call-in system of anticipated or unanticipated absences by 6 am of the day of the absence. If an employee calls after 6 am on the day of absence, he/she must call the building administrator directly. Failure to give the proper notification without good cause may result in the loss of one-half (1/2) day's salary.
Temporary Absence. No teacher shall leave the school premises during school hours for any length of time whatsoever without knowledge and permission of the principal or designee.
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Temporary Absence. 12:01 During the course of employment, teachers may find it necessary for various reasons, to be absent from their assigned positions for a temporary and brief period of time. To regulate such absences the Board of Education and the Association agree to the provisions for temporary absences as described below.
Temporary Absence. 10.1 If you leave the Home on a temporary basis, whether due to a planned holiday or a hospital admittance, the following charges will apply for permanent, full private paying residents only:
Temporary Absence. ‌ If you stay away overnight or at weekends please email the Site Team to let them know. It causes concern and sometimes considerable inconvenience when residents go ‘missing’ without explanation.
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