Extra Hours definition

Extra Hours means the number of hours of Library Services that the City elects to obtain from the County each week at the Library that are in excess of Base Hours. The City is responsible for the cost of Extra Hours.
Extra Hours defined in Section 9.1.
Extra Hours means Tenant's hours use of system during times other than the originally established regular weekly hours of the Center. The term "Regular Hours" shall mean originally established regular weekly hours of the Center.

Examples of Extra Hours in a sentence

  • The Customer shall be responsible for and shall pay all and any extra costs and expenses incurred by Daden including all and any Extra Hours and Disbursements directly occasioned by any discrepancies, errors or omissions in the Work Order, drawings, documentation or other information or decisions supplied in writing to Daden, whether or not they have been approved by Daden.

More Definitions of Extra Hours

Extra Hours. Additional non-permanent paid time added to the assigned time, not resulting in overtime. Fiscal Year: July 1st through June 30th of each year.
Extra Hours means additional credit hours worked in excess of the minimum legal block hours up to eighty-five (85) hours and paid at the straight time rate of 1.0. .07 Flight Time means the elapsed time between initial ramp departure, block out, or engine start-up, whichever comes first and actual ramp arrival, block in, of the aircraft, or engine shutdown, whichever comes last.
Extra Hours sign up sheet is posted by the employer at least four (4) weeks prior to any final schedule being posted.
Extra Hours means, in relation to any shop assistant, hours in excess of the customary working day, being hours after the general closing hours fixed by or under this Act otherwise than by an order made under this section;
Extra Hours refers to when a Relief Deck Officer is called back to work after picking or working between Seventy-Six (76) and Seventy- nine (79) Hours. If the Relief Deck Officer accepts an additional assignment once they are between Seventy-Six (76) and Seventy-nine (79) Hours, the entire shift is considered “Extra Hours.”
Extra Hours means hours worked in a day over the required assignment up to 34 eight (8) hours. 35
Extra Hours means; the hours paid in addition to ordinary hours, up to the paid hours sales bracket. These hours are paid at double the Ordinary Time Rates.