Community service definition

Community service means compulsory service, without
Community service means unpaid public service as a condition of probation established pursuant to Iowa Code chapter 907 or in lieu of restitution as authorized in Iowa Code chapter 910.
Community service means services in respect of which the tariffs are set at a level that the costs of the services are not recovered fully from public service charges and are of a regulatory nature;

Examples of Community service in a sentence

  • Community service may be appropriately combined with restitution or other conditions as a term of probation.

  • Community service work that a court requires under this division shall be supervised by an official of the agency, political subdivision, or charitable organization for which the work is performed or by a person designated by the agency, political subdivision, or charitable organization.

  • Community service events shall not include events where the student receives any tangible return (free conference registration for volunteering at the event).

  • Community service is any act of volunteerism that serves the community at large in a charitable way.

  • Community service, a formal term, will only be open to limited, statutory groups but would be related to the reparation which other groups reported.ConferencingEvery group spoken to used some form of conferencing or victim/offender meetings in their work.

More Definitions of Community service

Community service means service rendered by children in conflict with law who are above the age of fourteen years and includes activities like maintaining a park, serving the elderly, helping at a local hospital or nursing home, serving disabled children, serving as traffic volunteers etc.
Community service means to serve the community by sweeping of road, cleaning of walls, tree guard portion etc.;
Community service means compulsory service, without compensation, performed for the benefit of the community by the offender as punishment for committing an offense. Community service may be performed through public or private organizations or through work crews;
Community service means uncompensated labor for
Community service means uncom- pensated labor for an agency whose purpose is to enhance physical or mental stability, environmental quality or the social welfare.