Section 3.6.2 Sample Clauses

Section 3.6.2. 37 Union representatives shall be limited to PSE President, attorneys, PSE Board members, and 38 field representatives of PSE/SEIU 1948. Such authorized representatives shall have access to 39 personnel files of bargaining unit employees subject to the following procedures and 40 conditions: 41 42 1. Authorized Union representatives shall make a written request to the Human 43 Resource Department to review personnel files, performance evaluations, or other 44 official documents relating to employee relations matters. The request shall set 45 forth the specific reason for the request and such information shall directly relate 46 to and be necessary to assist the Union in the processing of grievances and 47 administering the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Such information shall be 48 provided for review by the District in a reasonable and timely manner, and the 49 District will disclose the information within ten (10) business days of the request, 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Section 3.6.2. 2 The District uses video cameras on sites and buses to monitor student behavior and such use is 3 not intended to replace or supplant the normal employee evaluation procedure. To ensure the 4 privacy of those employees recorded on the video, only authorized administrators, designated 5 staff and those directly involved can view any video, provided the operation of this section shall 6 be subject to the public disclosure laws of the State of Washington. Any portion of a video 7 shared outside the District which an employee is personally identifiable, the District will notify 8 that employee. However, this section does not pertain to criminal or professional misconduct
Section 3.6.2. 23 Any legitimate complaint made against an employee by any parent, student, or other person, 24 will be called to the attention of the employee as soon as practicable. Any complaint not called 25 to the attention of the employee may not be used as the basis for any disciplinary action against 26 the employee. No material of a derogatory nature shall be placed in an employee’s personnel 27 file without prior notification to the employee of the nature of the material. Employees shall 28 have the opportunity to examine any and all such material before it is placed into his/her 29 personnel file.
Section 3.6.2. 3 Medical information will be kept separate from an employee's personnel file, as required by the Americans 4 with Disabilities Act.
Section 3.6.2. 39 No materials derogatory of the employee's conduct, service, character, or personality shall be 40 placed in the personnel file unless the employee has received a copy. The employee shall have 41 the right to write the employee's version of the incident or statement and have the employee's 42 statement attached to the original documents, with a copy to the immediate supervisor. 44 After a period of one year from inclusion in the file, and subject to satisfactory performance 45 during that year, an employee may request that derogatory material be removed from the 46 employee's personnel file. The intent of the parties is that it is not mandatory that derogatory 47 materials be removed, but only considered for removal.
Section 3.6.2. 19 The evaluation form will be signed by the Teacher/Therapist or Administrative Assistant and 20 the Site Supervisor (Principal, Vice Principal or Program Manager or designee). The designee 21 shall be an RSD Administrator, Xxxx of Students or Intern.
Section 3.6.2. 25 Evaluations contained in Appendix A will be for the entire term of this agreement, subject to 26 the terms and conditions of Article III, Section 3.6.1.
Section 3.6.2. 15 A copy of each performance or disciplinary document placed in the personnel file shall be 16 provided to the employee within five (5) working days from insertion. An employee may 17 attach comments to any performance or disciplinary document that is a part of the personnel 18 file. Derogatory material not brought to the attention of the employee in compliance with this 19 section, or not placed into the official personnel file may not be used for any purpose adverse to 20 the employee's interests. 24 A R T I C L E I V 26 RIGHTS OF THE ASSOCIATION 27 28 Section 4.1. 29 The Association has the right and responsibility to represent the interests of all employees in the 30 bargaining unit; to present its views to the District on matters of concern, either orally or in writing; 31 and to enter collective negotiations with the object of reaching an Agreement applicable to all 32 employees within the bargaining unit.
Section 3.6.2. 38 The employee has the right to request a representative of the Chehalis PSE to be present during 39 the inspection of the official file. The employee, furthermore, has the right to place, in writing,