Religious Observances Sample Clauses

Religious Observances. Members shall be entitled to make reasonable rearrangements of their duties upon due notice to permit them to observe the religious obligations and practices of their faiths.
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Religious Observances. Up to two (2) days per calendar year, charged to accrued vacation, sick leave, or compensatory time, may be used for religious observances when school is in session. The employee must notify the employer at least ten calendar days in advance of the religious holiday of their intent to observe such holiday. The employer may waive this ten calendar day requirement if the employer determines that absence of such employee will not substantially interfere with the employer’s function.
Religious Observances. The company recognizes that the distribution of recognized holidays does not reflect the multi-faith nature of the workforce. Consequently, the following special arrangements have been established: A full-time employee who has completed probation as outlined in Article 6.01 of this Agreement, or a temporary employee who has worked for at least three (3) months, may apply to substitute up to two (2) of the recognized holidays listed in Article 18.01, on a day-for-day basis, for the purpose of religious observance, as follows:
Religious Observances. Upon fifteen (15) days’ advanced notice, the Employer shall approve an Employee’s request for annual leave, personal leave, and/or compensatory time off for religious observances when the Employee’s personal religious beliefs require that the Employee abstain from work during certain periods of the work-day or work-week.
Religious Observances. Religious holidays are allowed. They are not charged against personal or sick leave.
Religious Observances. The employee will request in advance a leave of absence for recognized religious observances, in which case the manager must be notified in writing at least 2 (two) weeks prior to the time requested. In each case, the type of leave must be determined in consultation with the appropriate management staff. At the employee’s option, the leave of absence may be unpaid or vacation credits, or overtime accumulation, or lieu days may be used.
Religious Observances. Persons who desire to observe a religious holiday and thereby must be absent from work shall notify their immediate supervisor in advance. The time off, when approved, will be charged to either the employee's personal leave, vacation leave or floating holidays.
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Religious Observances. Any employee who desires leave from work to attend services on religious holidays may be excused by the Fire Chief, or the City Manager, not to exceed three (3) hours per year. This absence shall be leave without pay unless the employee chooses to use accrued vacation, floating holiday, or in-lieu time. Unless the services of employees are required by public necessity or convenience, they shall be allowed to absent themselves as herein provided.
Religious Observances. 8.1.8. Participation in child’s school or day care activities
Religious Observances. Employees, with the approval of their Manager, may take time away from work for religious observances. Where possible requests for such leave shall be made in writing ten (10) Days in advance. An absence for religious observances may be granted in any of the following ways:  Use of vacation days, personal days or accumulated lieu time;
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