Full-Time Sample Clauses

Full-Time. A full-time employee is an employee who regularly works forty (40) hours per week and 2080 hours per calendar year.
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Full-Time. An employee who is employed at least thirty-five (35) hours per week.
Full-Time. Employees in this category shall be hired pursuant to such procedures as the Employer may establish and shall be assigned to regular schedules consisting of five (5) eight (8) hour days in a service week.
Full-Time. A regular full-time employee is someone who has a regular schedule providing seventy (70) hours of work bi-weekly.
Full-Time. A full-time employee shall be an employee normally scheduled to work between thirty-five (35) to forty (40) hours per week. Said employee's hours of work for any given week shall be spread over five (5) work days.
Full-Time. Where a scheduled vacation is interrupted due to a bereavement, the employee shall be entitled to bereavement leave in accordance with Article 19.01. The portion of the employee’s vacation which is deemed to be bereavement leave will not be counted against the employee’s vacation credits.
Full-Time. An employee who works twenty (20) or more hours per work week.
Full-Time. An Employee who works the full regular hours, either 1820 or 2080, of the Employer on a continuing year-round basis with no termination date anticipated at the time of appointment.
Full-Time. Vacation leave shall be accumulated for full-time employees as follows: In the 1st year through 5th year 114 hours for each 12 months of service After 5th year through 10th year 138 hours for each 12 months of service After 10th year through 15th year 162 hours for each 12 months of service After 15th year through 20th year 186 hours for each 12 months of service After 20th year through 25th year 210 hours for each 12 months of service After 25th year 234 hours for each 12 months of service
Full-Time. A full-time appointment is one in which the academic staff member is employed by the University on a full-time, year-round basis.