Religious Leave Sample Clauses

Religious Leave. 21.22 At the request of an employee time off with pay shall be granted to observe religious occasions in accordance with his/her religious beliefs. The total of leave with pay granted for Religious Leave shall not exceed two (2) days. For additional Religious Leave, time off granted under this article shall be made up in a manner which is agreed upon between the Employer and the employee. The employee has the right to use annual leave or compensatory leave to make up the time off if the employee chooses. Social Justice Leave
Religious Leave. 1. A teacher will be granted up to two (2) days of leave per year for observance of recognized religious events.
Religious Leave. MBUs may use personal leave for absenteeism for days of religious observation when the need for religious leave is documented. When a religious observation may occurs before or after a holiday or vacation, MBUs shall not be docked if personal leave balances are available.
Religious Leave. Religious leave shall be without pay unless the employee elects to use accumulated compensatory time off, vacation time, or floating holiday time. Denial of religious leave is appealable as provided elsewhere in this section.
Religious Leave. A member of the bargaining unit may utilize up to three (3) days without loss of pay or deduction of personal leave to observe recognized religious holidays of his/her faith if such observance reasonably required such leave. Notice of intention to utilize such leave, which must identify the religious holiday, shall be given in writing to the immediate supervisor at least fifteen (15) calendar days in advance.
Religious Leave. Leave with pay, not to exceed two (2) days per school year, will be granted in accordance with Board Policy 5.70. No deduction will be made from sick leave or business leave.
Religious Leave. A bargaining unit member may be absent, with pay, on a day identified through established tradition and doctrine by a duly constituted religious body as a religious holiday, provided the religious body has established that in order to properly observe such day no work should be performed on the day and provided the employee is an active member of the religious body. Requests for such absence shall be made in writing to the Superintendent/Designee at least ten (10) school days prior to the holiday. Such absence shall not exceed three (3) days during the school year, which days shall not be charged against any other leave.
Religious Leave. 10.9.1 Each bargaining unit member shall be entitled to use one (1) day of sick leave to observe the most significant religious holiday of his/her faith, if the day of observance occurs on a workday.
Religious Leave. An employee may request personal necessity leave, vacation leave, or compensatory time for special religious observances of the employee’s faith falling on a regular working day. If no such leave is available, the employee may request unpaid leave. Requests for religious leave may not be arbitrarily or capriciously denied.
Religious Leave. An employee may be granted up to three (3) days of religious leave. An employee must make application including a brief statement of the request to Human Resources at least three (3) days prior to the religious leave. Human Resources will notify the supervisor to make the necessary arrangements allowing the employee to make up the days at some other prearranged time. An employee may utilize provisions outlined in Xxxxxxx 0, Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx, or may take the leave with full loss of pay.