Refusal Sample Clauses

Refusal. When bargaining unit members are laid off, the University may not use any non-bargaining unit employees to perform any bargaining unit work unless the laid off employee refuses to perform the offered work.
Refusal. Either Party shall have the right to refuse to accept any information under this Agreement prior to any disclosure and nothing herein shall obligate either Party to disclose any particular information.
Refusal. Any worker who refuses to be tested consistent with the terms of this policy will be terminated by the Employer. NOTIFICATION OF TEST RESULTS All drug or alcohol test will be forwarded through the office of Minert & Associates, Inc. to the Employer. In forwarding test results to the Employer, the staff of Minert & Associates, Inc. will only report results to those Employer officials authorized to receive them and will do so in a confidential manner. In the event an applicant, apprentice, or worker test positive, the Employer will be notified of the person's identity and the drug(s) involved. Furthermore, in the event the positive test relates to an apprentice that positive test results will be forwarded to each member of the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC). Any applicant, apprentice, or worker who tests positive will be given an opportunity to discuss that result with the Parties' drug testing servicing agency, Minert & Associates, Inc., prior to the Employer taking disciplinary action. In talking with any such individual, the staff of Minert & Associates, Inc. may consult with the medical professional and will follow up on such information as is deemed necessary in resolving the question of the worker's illegal drug use. If after the consideration of the matter, the staff at Minert & Associates, Inc. determines that the applicant, apprentice, or worker's positive test result was due to their authorized use of prescription medication, they will immediately report that finding to the Employer and no further action will be taken. However, if the individual cannot provide a reasonable explanation for their positive test result, the Employer will then take disciplinary action consistent with the terms of this policy.
Refusal. Nothing in this Agreement shall obligate either party to this Agreement to disclose any information. Each party to this Agreement has the right to refuse accept any information under this Agreement prior to any disclosure.
Refusal. Each Party shall have the right to refuse to accept any information under this Agreement prior to any disclosure; information disclosed despite such a refusal is not covered by the confidentiality obligation under this Agreement. Nothing herein shall obligate either Party to disclose any particular information.
Refusal. VFW reserves the right to deny an offer or authorize any CONTRACT provision for rental services of the Keewaydin Clubhouse to any individual, group or organization with a history of previous rental problems, subscribing to beliefs at conLlict the VFW principles or displaying indifference toward established VFW rental polices or standards herein. Under such circumstances, the VFW PC or authorized RM or alternative VFW OfLicer, may choose not to authorize an Executable CONTRACT.
Refusal. Refusal to Authorize Payroll Deduction: The Association shall be responsible for dealing with those bargaining unit members who refuse to authorize payroll deduction of dues or service fees.
Refusal. A bargaining unit member may refuse to perform school health services unless the authorization (including attached procedures), medical verification, training, and an appropriate level of supervision by direct communication have been provided to the bargaining unit member as required in paragraph C. above. In the event the bargaining unit member refuses to provide school health services, the Employer shall provide the services to the student so as not to disrupt the student’s educational programming through the use of other bargaining unit members who have been provided the required authorization, medical verification and training. If such an employee is not reasonably available, then, and only then, the Employer may provide such service through the use of other non-bargaining unit employees of the District or contracted personnel on a temporary basis until the requirements in paragraph C. can be met.