Illness Leave Sample Clauses

Illness Leave. A. Illness is defined as any pronounced deviation from a normal health state which makes it disadvantageous to the District and/or detrimental to the employee for him/her to be at work. This definition shall include emergency medical, dental, optical, and prosthetic work.
Illness Leave. Each Faculty Member shall be credited illness leave at the beginning of each academic year. Unused illness leave may be accumulated indefinitely. This annual credit for illness leave need not be accrued prior to taking leave by the employee. Illness leave will be earned annually on the basis of days of service for full-time Faculty Members as follows: Days of Service Days of Illness Leave Earned 170-190 10 191-210 11 211-230 12
Illness Leave. 5.7.1 Full-time Unit Members on ten (10), eleven (11), or twelve (12) month contracts shall be entitled to ten (10), eleven (11), or twelve (12) days leave, respectively, with full pay for each School year for (a) illness, accident, quarantine, injury, (b) diagnosis, care, or treatment of an existing health condition of, or preventive care for, an employee or an employee’s family member, or (c) if they are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking which precludes the Unit Member from performing his/her assigned duties. Part-time Unit Members under contract who work less than full-time shall be entitled to that portion of the ten (10) days leave as the number of hours per week of scheduled duties relates to the number of hours for a full-time faculty member in a comparable position. Unit Members not utilizing the full ten (10) days of sick leave in any one (1) year shall have the amount not utilized accumulated from year to year.
Illness Leave. An employee shall be granted a leave of absence because of illness, or injury, or quarantine of the employee. The employee shall be required to certify the reason for absence by completing the appropriate form. Also, the District may verify any claim under this Section when it reasonably suspects abuse or deems it necessary for health and safety reasons. An employee absent from duty under this Section for more than five (5) consecutive working days shall be required to submit a signed attending physician's statement or appropriate health form to the immediate administrator and may be referred by the District for health approval prior to readmission. An approved extended mandatory illness leave shall not exceed fifty-two (52) calendar weeks for any given illness or injury.
Illness Leave. Employees on an illness leave shall use all of their available entitlement time (i.e., vacation and paid or unpaid personal days) prior to using excused unpaid time.
Illness Leave. 17.2.1 Upon commencement of employment a Full-time Employee shall be entitled to full salary during illness (either mental or physical), for a maximum of sixty (60) Days per year. This entitlement shall be reinstated immediately in the case of the same or related illness providing thirty (30) calendar Days have elapsed since the Employee's return to work. In the case of a new illness, the sixty (60) Days of general illness will be reinstated immediately. After the maximum allowable illness leave, Employees will be eligible for long term disability.
Illness Leave. Any teacher or his/her authorized agent may request illness leave under the following conditions.
Illness Leave. All full-time personnel may be entitled to illness leave pay for personal illness or for illness in the immediate family. Immediate family is defined as the employee’s spouse/domestic partner, parent, child, brother, sister, grandparent, grandchild, or his/her spouse’s above mentioned immediate family, or near relatives of the employee or the employee’s spouse who resides within the household of the employee. Personnel assigned to two hundred (200) days or more shall be entitled to illness leave at full pay for twelve (12) days each year. Personnel assigned to fewer than two hundred (200) days shall be entitled to illness leave at full pay for ten (10) days each year. The appropriate illness days will be awarded each pay period until the annual allotment has been earned. Such leave may be allowed to accumulate each year up to a maximum not to exceed the number of assigned duty days. Part-time personnel may be entitled to illness leave with USD 497 on a prorated basis. If an employee has a work agreement for two (2) or more part-time jobs, the hours for those positions may be combined to determine benefits awarded. Any employee who is ill and unable to work must notify his/her primary evaluator who will notify the appropriate Central Administrator or Supervisor to secure substitute personnel if needed. A doctor’s certificate and/or a release to work document shall be requested by the Human Resources Department after an absence of more than three (3) consecutive duty days related to illness or injury. There shall be no right to accrue illness leave days during a school year unless services are rendered by the employee in that year. Employees new to the District shall accrue illness leave, but may not use the days until after the first ninety (90) calendar days of employment. Classified employees who are absent, by designated medical providers recommendation, due to a work related injury (worker’s compensation) may use accumulated illness leave or vacation the first five consecutive duty days (seven calendar days per statute). The employee may be supplemented through accumulated illness leave with an amount sufficient to pay the employee 100 percent of his/her salary from the 8th calendar day through the remainder of the absence due to a work related injury. If the employee depletes his/her accumulated illness leave, the employee will receive worker’s compensation benefits only. (Worker’s compensation payment will be deducted for paid days only.) After an emp...
Illness Leave. 5.7 Each unit member is entitled to one (1) day of paid sick leave for each eighteen (18) contracted working days, with full pay for personal illness or injury that is other than job incurred. The sick leave entitlement for the year shall be credited to the unit member at the beginning of the year. This sick leave, if not used, is accumulated from year to year with no limit.
Illness Leave. 1. In the event an Employee is away from his/her assignment because of personal illness verified by medical authority, including one designated by the Personnel Office if it deems it necessary, said Employee will be permitted to utilize his/her accumulated illness bank and his/her vacation bank.