Illness Leave Sample Clauses

Illness Leave. 1. Illness is defined as any pronounced deviation from a normal healthy state which makes it disadvantageous to the District and/or detrimental to the employee for him/her to be at work. This definition shall include emergency medical, dental, optical, and prosthetic work.
Illness Leave. Each Faculty Member shall be credited illness leave at the beginning of each academic year. Unused illness leave may be accumulated indefinitely. This annual credit for illness leave need not be accrued prior to taking leave by the employee. Illness leave will be earned annually on the basis of days of service for full-time Faculty Members as follows: Days of Service Days of Illness Leave Earned 170-190 10 191-210 11 211-230 12
Illness Leave. 17.2.1 Upon commencement of employment a Full-time Employee shall be entitled to full salary during illness (either mental or physical), for a maximum of sixty (60) Days per year. This entitlement shall be reinstated immediately in the case of the same or related illness providing thirty (30) calendar Days have elapsed since the Employee's return to work. In the case of a new illness, the sixty (60) Days of general illness will be reinstated immediately. After the maximum allowable illness leave, Employees will be eligible for long term disability.
Illness Leave. 5.7.1 Full-time Unit Members on ten (10), eleven (11), or twelve (12) month contracts shall be entitled to ten (10), eleven (11), or twelve (12) days leave, respectively, with full pay for each School year for (a) illness, accident, quarantine, injury, (b) diagnosis, care, or treatment of an existing health condition of, or preventive care for, an employee or an employee’s family member, or (c) if they are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking which precludes the Unit Member from performing his/her assigned duties. Part-time Unit Members under contract who work less than full-time shall be entitled to that portion of the ten (10) days leave as the number of hours per week of scheduled duties relates to the number of hours for a full-time faculty member in a comparable position. Unit Members not utilizing the full ten (10) days of sick leave in any one (1) year shall have the amount not utilized accumulated from year to year.
Illness Leave. Any teacher or his/her authorized agent may request illness leave under the following conditions.
Illness Leave. 1. If, after exhausting the absence-with-pay and vacation bank, an Employee is unable for health reasons to return to work, the Employee shall have the right to leave without pay for the period of disability, but not to exceed one (1) year, provided:
Illness Leave. A. Accrual: Illness leave accrual and accumulation will be as follows: Shift Hours Per Pay Period Accumulation Maximum 8 Hour 5.85 1044 An employee shall not be credited with any illness leave in a particular pay period unless that employee has been in a pay status for eighty percent (80%) or more of the hours in that pay period.