Authorized to receive definition

Authorized to receive means that an individual has been determined eligible for benefits and has been notified of this determination, even if the benefits have been authorized but not received, authorized but not accessed, authorized but suspended, authorized but recouped, or authorized but not paid because they are less than a minimum amount.
Authorized to receive means that an individual has been determined eligible for benefits and has been notified of this determination, even if the benefits have been authorized but not received, authorized but not accessed, suspended, or recouped.
Authorized to receive means that the person has been determined eligible for benefits and has been notified of this determination even though the benefits have not yet been received.

Examples of Authorized to receive in a sentence

  • Authorized to receive means the AG is coded in the data system as active for a benefit whether they are receiving it or not.

  • If a project is Authorized to receive a loan, the Board will establish the portion of the construction cost to be included in the loan and will set the terms for the loan.

  • Authorized to receive selected awards sponsored by private organizations.

  • Clause 5 Authorized to receive Student Activities money according to the Student Senate guidelines.

  • However, if the project is Authorized to receive a loan or grant of funds from the Board, all costs from the beginning of the project will be charged to the project and paid by the applicant as a part of the total project cost.

  • The Board will generally use these reports and assessments to determine whether a project will be Authorized to receive a loan, credit enhancement agreement, interest buy-down agreement, or hardship grant (Reference R309-700-9, -10 and -11).

  • Authorized to receive appropriations for five years from date of a joint resolution of November 26, 1969 (83 Stat.

  • Authorized to receive Student Activities money according to the Student Senate guidelines.

  • Authorized to receive annual appropriations by a joint resolution of July 11, 1949 (63 Stat.

  • Authorized to receive an Auxiliary membership photo identification (ID) card.a. Authorized to hold any elected or appointed office for which eligible.b. Authorized to use Coast Guard Exchange System (CGES) facilities and services, pursuant to the limited exchange privileges contained in the Coast Guard Non- appropriated Fund Instrumentalities Manual, COMDTINST M7010.5 (series).c.

Related to Authorized to receive

  • Contractors authorized to accompany the Force, or “CAAF,” means contractor personnel, including all tiers of subcontractor personnel, who are authorized to accompany U.S. Armed Forces in applicable operations and have been afforded CAAF status through a letter of authorization. CAAF generally include all U.S. citizen and third-country national employees not normally residing within the operational area whose area of performance is in the direct vicinity of U.S. Armed Forces and who routinely are collocated with the U.S. Armed Forces (especially in non-permissive environments). Personnel collocated with U.S. Armed Forces shall be afforded CAAF status through a letter of authorization. In some cases, Combatant Commander subordinate commanders may designate mission-essential host nation or local national contractor employees (e.g., interpreters) as CAAF. CAAF includes contractors previously identified as contractors deploying with the U.S. Armed Forces. CAAF status does not apply to contractor personnel in support of applicable operations within the boundaries and territories of the United States.

  • Authorized By s/Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxx ACCEPTED: ___/s/Xxx O’Donnell_______ Fund Officer State Street Vice President Authorization Matrix Explanation of Fields Client: Indicate the name of the Client and the Fund name or if multiple funds, attach a list of fund names Primary Source: Indicate the primary source for prices for the security type. If an Investment Manager is a pricing source, please specify explicitly.

  • Authorized Third Party means an entity that:

  • Authorized Trader means any natural person associated with a Participant and, if applicable, a DMA Customer who (i) has TradingAccess to the SEF operated by BSEF using a Participant ID and (ii) is assigned a valid Trader ID.

  • Authorized Driver means any of the following:

  • Electronic Means means the following communications methods: e-mail, facsimile transmission, secure electronic transmission containing applicable authorization codes, passwords and/or authentication keys issued by the Trustee, or another method or system specified by the Trustee as available for use in connection with its services hereunder.

  • by electronic means means that the service is sent initially and received at its destination by means of electronic equipment for the processing (including digital compression) and storage of data, and entirely transmitted, conveyed and received by wire, by radio, by optical means or by other electromagnetic means,

  • Ladies and Gentlemen For value received, the undersigned beneficiary hereby irrevocably transfers to: ------------------------------ [Name of Transferee] ------------------------------ [Address of Transferee] all rights and obligations of the undersigned as Borrower under the Liquidity Agreement referred to above. The transferee has succeeded the undersigned as Subordination Agent under the Intercreditor Agreement referred to in the first paragraph of the Liquidity Agreement, pursuant to the terms of Section 8.1 of the Intercreditor Agreement. By this transfer, all rights of the undersigned as Borrower under the Liquidity Agreement are transferred to the transferee and the transferee shall hereafter have the sole rights and obligations as Borrower thereunder. The undersigned shall pay any costs and expenses of such transfer, including, but not limited to, transfer taxes or governmental charges. We ask that this transfer be effective as of _______________, ____. WILMINGTON TRUST COMPANY, not in its individual capacity but solely as Subordination Agent, as Borrower By:_____________________________________ Name: Title:

  • Terms Incorporated by Reference means the Non-Cleared Swap Agreement(s) governing the Trade memorialized in the Trade Communication.

  • the CE of Skills Funding means the Chief Executive of Skills Funding;

  • Authorizer means the Saginaw Valley State University Board of Control.

  • transmitted by electronic means” means sent in the form of a facsimile or sent via the internet as a portable document format (“pdf”) or other replicating image attached to an electronic mail or internet message.

  • Data Terms Website means hxxx:// or any successor website the address of which is provided by the Custodian to the Fund.

  • Authorized delegate means a person a licensee designates to provide money services on behalf of the licensee.

  • and Gentlemen We are acting as special counsel with respect to New York tax matters for the unit investment trust or trusts included in the series identified as FT 2595 (each, a "Trust"), which will be established under a certain Standard Terms and Conditions of Trust dated December 9, 2003, and a related Trust Agreement dated as of today (collectively, the "Indenture") among First Trust Portfolios L.P., as Depositor (the "Depositor"), First Trust Advisors L.P., as Evaluator, First Trust Advisors L.P., as Portfolio Supervisor, FTP Services LLC, as FTPS Unit Servicing Agent, and The Bank of New York Mellon as Trustee (the "Trustee"). Pursuant to the terms of the Indenture, units of fractional undivided interest in the Trust (the "Units") will be issued in the aggregate number set forth in the Indenture. We have examined and are familiar with originals or certified copies, or copies otherwise identified to our satisfaction, of such documents as we have deemed necessary or appropriate for the purpose of this opinion. In giving this opinion, we have relied upon the two opinions, each dated today and addressed to the Trustee, of Chapman and Cutler XXX, xounsex xxx the Depositor, with respect to the factual assumptions and the matters of law set forth therein. We have assumed that the assets of the Trust will consist exclusively of debt securities, equity securities in entities classified as corporations for federal income tax purposes, or a combination thereof. Based upon the foregoing, we are of the opinion that the Trust will not constitute an association taxable as a corporation under the relevant tax laws of the State and City of New York, and accordingly will not be subject to the New York State franchise tax (New York State Consolidated Laws Chapter 60, Article 9-A) or the New York City general corporation tax (New York Administrative Code Title 11, Chapter 6, Subchapter 2). We consent to the filing of this opinion as an exhibit to the Registration Statement (No. 333-168993) filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission with respect to the registration of the sale of the Units and to the references to our name in such Registration Statement and the preliminary prospectus included therein. Very truly yours, CARTER LEDYARD & MXXXXXX XXX

  • Gender identity or expression means a person's gender-related identity, appearance or behavior, whether or not that gender-related identity, appearance or behavior is different from that traditionally associated with the person's physiology or assigned sex at birth, which gender-related identity can be shown by providing evidence including, but not limited to, medical history, care or treatment of the gender-related identity, consistent and uniform assertion of the gender-related identity or any other evidence that the gender-related identity is sincerely held, part of a person's core identity or not being asserted for an improper purpose.

  • Electronic Version/Copy means a digital form consisting of text, images or both readable on computers or other electronic devices that includes all content that the Original and Hard Copy proposals contain. The digital form may be submitted using a compact disc (cd) or USB flash drive. The electronic version/copy can NOT be emailed.

  • Authorized Reseller a reseller, distributor or other partner authorized by Celonis to sell Celonis products or services.

  • Unauthorized Removal means the Contractor’s removal of Key Personnel without the prior written consent of the State.

  • Request for Information shall have the meaning set out in FOIA or the Environmental Information Regulations as relevant (where the meaning set out for the term “request” shall apply).

  • Description of Notes means the “Description of the Notes” section of the Final Offering Memorandum.

  • Request for Information (RFI means a written request by Contractor directed to A/E or ODR for a clarification of the information provided in the Contract Documents or for direction concerning information necessary to perform the Work that may be omitted from the Contract Documents.

  • Unauthorized Third Party means any person or entity that, at the time of the Computer Fraud, is not an Authorized User.

  • Contact Name P osition : : A ddress : : Zip Code & City : : E -mail address : : T elephone # : : Fax#: Country : :

  • Electronic Notice shall be deemed written notice for purposes of this Section 13 if sent to the electronic mail address specified by the receiving party under separate cover. Electronic Notice shall be deemed received at the time the party sending Electronic Notice receives verification of receipt by the receiving party. Any party receiving Electronic Notice may request and shall be entitled to receive the notice on paper, in a nonelectronic form (“Nonelectronic Notice”) which shall be sent to the requesting party within ten (10) days of receipt of the written request for Nonelectronic Notice.

  • Authorized User means one named employee, contractor or agent of Customer (each identified by a unique email address) for whom Customer has purchased a subscription to the Subscription Services and who is authorized by Customer to access and use the Services under the rights granted to Customer pursuant to this Agreement.