Authorized Use definition

Authorized Use the specified level at which Licensee is authorized to execute or run the Program. That level may be measured by number of users, millions of service units ("MSUs"), Processor Value Units ("PVUs"), or other level of use specified by Lenovo.
Authorized Use means use of the network by an authorized user or by persons acting on behalf of an authorized user as provided in this chapter for the following purposes of the authorized user:

Examples of Authorized Use in a sentence

For each therm of Company-supplied Gas delivered under this service, the charge shall be considered Authorized Use.

Authorized Use of the Services by Other Persons: You are responsible for keeping your Password and Account data confidential.

Charges are based on Authorized Use obtained, which is specified in the PoE.

Such Authorized Use shall be limited to accessing, receiving, using, processing, manipulating, storing, transmitting and disseminating the Information and Data through Vendor’s Service.

If Licensee wishes to increase its Authorized Use, Licensee must notify Lenovo or an authorized Lenovo reseller in advance and pay any applicable charges.

More Definitions of Authorized Use

Authorized Use means access to the System for the downloading or updating of User data.
Authorized Use means and be limited to use only for purposes of this docket in addressing the issues arising in this proceeding over which the Commission has jurisdiction.
Authorized Use refers to those activities and Licensed Rights granted by Licensee under this Agreement to everyone who purchases or sub-licenses a Licensed Tool.
Authorized Use means Licensee’s use of the WU Intellectual Property solely in connection with the not-for-profit-sponsored research use described in Exhibit C (the “Protocol”), herein incorporated as a part of this Agreement, and specifically excluding all commercial purposes and other study protocols, unless authorized in a separate agreement.
Authorized Use means the defined number of copies or instances of the Product that may be used by Licensee, and where applicable, limited to the number of Authorized Machines, as designated in the Quote/Receipt/Invoice issued by Balsamiq. Authorized User means a person or user account who is licensed to use the Product, regardless of whether that person is an employee, contractor, subcontractor, vendor, partner or customer of the Licensee. Commencement Date means the date that Balsamiq processes payment of the License or Maintenance Fees from Licensee.