Probationary Sample Clauses

Probationary. An employee who is employed to fill a full or part-time position for a trial period of sixty (60) working days.
Probationary. A bargaining unit member who is employed to fill a full- or part-time position for a trial period of fifty (50) work days.
Probationary c. Tenured and non-tenure track faculty in the affected department shall be laid off in inverse order as described in Article 29. However, in departments or programs where positions are financed by monies from an outside jurisdiction or agency and are occupied by fixed-term or probationary faculty, such faculty may continue to hold such positions in reduced departments or programs unless there are tenured faculty members qualified to fill such positions as determined by the President. A tenured faculty member who has at least twenty (20) FTE years of service within the Minnesota State Universities, shall remain available for assignment and shall not be laid off. For purposes of reaching the twenty (20) FTE years of service threshold, service through the date on which the faculty member’s lay-off would otherwise be effective, shall be considered. For those tenured faculty with at least twenty (20) years of service who have received notice that their position is being eliminated, the following options will be provided.
Probationary. New employees hired into the unit from outside the bargaining unit shall be probationary for the first sixty (60) working days of their employment. If thirty (30) or more of the sixty (60) working days occur within the months of July and August, the probationary period shall be extended an additional thirty (30) days (this exception does not apply to year-round employees, i.e. skilled trades, etc.) The district shall provide the employee with the tentative date when their probationary period of sixty (60) working days will end at the time of his/her hire/employment. The parties may, by mutual consent, extend the probationary period up to an additional thirty (30) working days. Upon completion of the probationary period, the employee shall attain seniority status and his/her name shall be entered on the seniority list with a seniority date from the first day worked. Fringe benefit coverage will commence on the first day of the month following the employee’s first day of employment. The employee shall be given an insurance packet at the time of hire along with a TESPA contract.
Probationary. Probationary employees are persons hired on trial to determine their suitability for continuing employment in regular positions. An employee shall be considered probationary for a six-(6) calendar month period. At the end of this probationary period his/her date of hiring will be established as six calendar months prior to the date he/she attains six-(6) calendar months' service. During this period of probation, he/she shall not be considered as having regular status and he/she may be discharged without having recourse to the grievance procedure.
Probationary. The probationary period shall be two (2) years.
Probationary. The purpose of the probationary period is to allow the Board to ascertain the suitability of the probationary Staff Member and for the probationary Staff Member to demonstrate the probationary Staff Member's ability to meet the rights, responsibilities and duties of the position. The Board shall make a fair assessment and give the probationary Staff Member a fair opportunity to demonstrate the probationary Staff Member's ability. The Staff Member must make a reasonable effort to understand and meet the requisite rights, responsibilities and duties of the position.
Probationary. An employee who, during the probationary period, is demoted to a class formerly occupied in good standing during the current period of continuous employment shall have their salary reduced to the salary (including merit increases) they would have received if they had remained in the lower class.