Definition of Point of Interconnection

Point of Interconnection ("POI") means that technically feasible point of demarcation where the exchange of traffic between two carriers takes place.
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Point of Interconnection means the Ragtown Substation on the NV Energy transmission system.
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Examples of Point of Interconnection in a sentence

ARTICLE 3 CONTINUING OBLIGATIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES 3.1 Interconnection Service 3.1.1 Subject to the terms and conditions of the Agreement, Pepco shall (a) permit the Station to continue to be interconnected to the Transmission System at the Point of Interconnection, and (b) provide Interconnection Service at the Point of Interconnection.
Generator shall be responsible for all switching, tagging and grounding on Generator's side of the Point of Interconnection and, except for Generator Facilities, Pepco shall be responsible for all switching, tagging and grounding on its side of the Point of Interconnection.
CLEC shall establish at least one (1) physical Point of Interconnection in CenturyLink territory in each LATA CLEC has local End User Customers.
For shared Collocation entrance facilities, Qwest will cut all fiber and/or copper Collocation entrance facilities at the splice point in the Collocation Point of Interconnection (C-POI).
Fiber Entrance Facilities provide the connectivity between CLEC's collocated equipment within the Qwest Wire Center and a Collocation Point of Interconnection (C-POI) outside the Qwest Wire Center where CLEC shall terminate its fiber-optic facility, except the Express Fiber Entrance Facilities.