Definition of Point of Interconnection

  1. Point of Interconnection means the junction point on the flange connecting the unloading manifold on the Vessel with the flange coupling of the regasified LNG loading line at Customer's Topside Facilities;

Examples of Point of Interconnection in a sentence

  1. Pursuant to Bellcore Practice BR-795-100-100, the Rating Point may be an End Office location or a LEC Consortium Point of Interconnection.
  2. Interconnection Facilities: (a. Interconnection Customer Interconnection Facilities: Interconnection Customer has constructed, owns, operates, and maintains its 13.8/69 kV substation and 69 kV line emanating from Interconnection Customers substation to the Point of Interconnection.
  3. "Guaranteed Regasification Flow Rate" means four hundred million Standard Cubic Feet per day (400 MMscf/day) (+-5%), at a minimum temperature of seven decimal two degrees Celsius (7.2degC) and an operational pressure of sixty to eighty five (60-85) barg measured at the Point of Interconnection.