Project Completion Sample Clauses

Project Completion. The Contractor agrees to schedule a final job walk with the County. If required, the County will prepare a list of incomplete items, the “Punch List”. The Contractor agrees to complete the “Punch List” corrections and schedule a final project completion job walk. The County will sign the “Punch List” as completed when determined, the project is finished. The Contractor agrees to submit the following along with its final payment request:
Project Completion a. When all of the work to be performed under this Contract has been fully completed, the Contractor shall notify the Project Manager and District, in writing, setting a date for inspection. The Contractor and Subcontractor representatives shall attend the inspection. As a result of this inspection, the Project Manager will prepare a list of items ("punch list") that are incomplete or not installed according to the Contract Documents. Failure to include items on this list does not relieve the Contractor from fulfilling all requirements of the Contract Documents.
Project Completion. Upon completion of, or in the event this Agreement is terminated, the Professional, when acting on behalf of the County as provided under 119.011(2), F.S., shall transfer, at no cost, to the County all public records in possession of the Professional or keep and maintain public records required by the County to perform the service. If the Professional transfers all public records to the County upon completion or termination of the agreement, it must destroy any duplicate public records that are exempt or confidential and exempt from public records disclosure requirements. If the Professional keeps and maintains public records upon the completion or termination of the agreement all applicable requirements for retaining public records shall be met. All records stored electronically shall be provided to the County, upon request from the Counties custodian of public records, in a format that is compatible with the information technology systems of the County.
Project Completion. Where the Work to construct the Project is 100% complete, including all punch list items. Final DSA approval of the Project is not required for Project Completion.