Program Review Sample Clauses

Program Review. The State ECEAP Office will conduct a review of each contractor’s compliance with the ECEAP Contract and ECEAP Performance Standards every four years. The review will involve ECEAP staff and parents. After the Program Review, the State ECEAP Office will provide the contractor with a Program Review report. The contractor must submit an ECEAP Corrective Action Plan for non-compliance with ECEAP Performance Standards. The Plan must be approved by the State ECEAP Office.
Program Review. Each unit/program (instructional, library, counseling) will hold at least one meeting annually to discuss unit/program outcomes with the unit administrator and faculty.
Program Review. As part of the five year review set forth in Section 8.4 “Monitoring and Evaluation” the Hatchery Committee shall look back comprehensively at the previous five year plan to help prepare the next five year plan. In 2013 as part of the comprehensive review and every ten years thereafter, the hatchery program will undergo a program review incorporating new information from the monitoring and evaluation program. This program review will determine if adult-to-smolt and smolt-to adult survival standard, and hatchery program goals, and objectives as defined in this document and the Section 10 of the ESA permits have been met or sufficient progress is being made towards their achievement. This review shall include a determination of whether hatchery production objectives are being achieved and a review to identify adjustments to the monitoring and evaluation programs. The Hatchery Committee shall be responsible for conducting the hatchery program review, and developing a summary report. The Hatchery Committee shall be responsible for recommending alternative plans to the District in the event that program objectives as defined above are not being met or needed modifications to the monitoring and evaluation have been identified. The Hatchery Committee shall be responsible for developing and the District funding implementation plans.
Program Review. Prior to June 30, 2019, the Parties will meet to review the SRO program at the School and discuss the Parties’ intent for the following school year. The City shall cooperate with the District to prepare a report for the Board’s review, with a recommendation to keep, modify, or terminate the SRO program.
Program Review. The status and function of the County's Light Duty program, to include the practices of the County's current workers' compensation vendor, shall be referred to the County-wide LMRC for evaluation. If necessary. the County-wide LMRC shall make recommendations for how to improve the program.