Contract Review Sample Clauses

Contract Review. Purchaser may arrange with the Contract Administrator to review the provisions of this contract prior to the delivery of forest products. Section P: Payments and Securities P-010 Initial Deposit Purchaser paid DATA MISSING initial deposit, which will be maintained pursuant to RCW 79.15.100(3). If the operating authority on this contract expires without Purchaser's payment of the full amount specified in the 'Payment for Forest Products' clause, the initial deposit will be immediately forfeited to the State, and will be offset against Purchaser's remaining balance due. Any excess initial deposit funds not needed to ensure full payment of the contract price, or not needed to complete any remaining obligations of the Purchaser existing after contract expiration, will be refunded to the Purchaser.
Contract Review. The performance of the Supplier under this Framework Agreement shall be subject to review on an on-going basis. Bi-annual evaluations meetings may be held during the Framework Period. Mutually agreeable dates will be determined for these meetings, the purpose of which will be to provide a forum for KCC or any Framework Purchaser and the Supplier to review performance and other key issues in connection with the Framework Agreement. The Framework Purchasers and the Supplier shall be committed to continuously improving the Supplier / Framework Purchaser relationship. The Supplier shall implement such recommendations and comply with any Framework Purchaser’s findings to the extent necessary to ensure that the Services/Supplies continue to be delivered and the Supplier continues to meet its related obligations in accordance with the requirements set out in this Framework Agreement. Where a Framework Purchaser has reasonable grounds to believe that the Supplier is not complying with its obligations under this Agreement, an audit may be carried out without prior notice
Contract Review. The undersigned has reviewed the Work outlined in the Contract Documents and fully understands the scope of Work required in this bid, understands the construction and project management function(s) is described in the Contract Documents, and that each Bidder who is awarded a contract shall be in fact a prime contractor, not a subcontractor, to the District, and agrees that its bid, if accepted by the District, will be the basis for the Bidder to enter into a contract with the District in accordance with the intent of the Contract Documents.
Contract Review. A. Upon the request of either party, representatives of the Board and the Association will meet on the last Tuesday of every month when school is in session for an informal review of matters pertaining to the Agreement. Each party shall be represented by not more than three (3) members and such meetings will be scheduled at the close of the school day. Either party requesting such a meeting will submit to the other on or before Friday prior to the meeting a listing of items that they wish to discuss. In general, the meeting should be an hour in duration.