Summary Report Sample Clauses

Summary Report. Upon request by the other Party, the Party that caused the Forced Outage adversely impacting the other Party will provide a summary report to the applicable Site Representative within seven (7) business days of the event.
Summary Report. On a monthly basis, the Administrator shall deliver an abbreviated form of the Payment Date Report and Interim Payment Date Report in a mutually agreed upon format to the email address provided by the Administrative Agent. Such abbreviated report shall also include whether a notice to initiate the optional termination or clean-up call contemplated by the related OTP Provision has been received with respect to any Designated Servicing Agreement identified on Schedule 4 to the Base Indenture.
Summary Report. For each (design and development) contract, one Summary Report shall be produced. It shall summarise the findings of the contract concisely and, informatively. The Summary Report shall be approximately 20 pages or 6000 words. NOTE: The Agency may request the Contractor to produce the Summary Report in the form of a paper suitable for publishing in a technical journal.
Summary Report. Promptly, from time to time, such other information, documents, records or reports respecting the Receivables or the condition or operations, financial or otherwise, of any Seller or any of its Affiliates, as the Operating Agent may from time to time reasonably request in order to protect the interests of the Buyer or the Operating Agent, including, prior to 10.00 a.m., London time on each Summary Report Date, a Summary Report (with, among other things, the information necessary to determine the Default Ratio).
Summary Report. The PERFORMING PARTY shall submit a written final summary report of work completed by no later than the date specified in the Schedule of Deliverables. The report shall include at a minimum the information requested in this Scope of Work. The summary report shall include a description of the baseline habitat assessment and how the CBBEP funds were leveraged. The final summary report shall be submitted as one (1) unbound copy. PERFORMING PARTY shall also submit the final report in an electronic format compatible with CBBEP software.
Summary Report. Within ten days of the return of all personnel deployed under this Agreement, the Requesting Utility shall prepare a summary report of the event and provide a copy to the Assisting Utility. The report shall be in a format established by the VA WARN Committee or, if none, in the format used by the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, and shall include a chronology of events and description of personnel, equipment, materials and supplies provided.
Summary Report. At the conclusion of the academic year, the City will provide a summary document to the Superintendent or designee that will include but is not limited to the number of District students referred to outside counseling services, the number of students counselors worked with during the year (unduplicated), the number of student contacts counselors had during the year (duplicated), and the broad themes for why students needed counselor support.
Summary Report. The term