Commercialization Reports Sample Clauses

Commercialization Reports. Throughout the term of this Agreement and during the Sell-Off Period, and within thirty (30) days of December 31st of each year, Company will deliver to University written reports of Company’s and Sublicensees’ efforts and plans to develop and commercialize the innovations covered by the Licensed Rights and to make and sell Licensed Products. Company will have no obligation to prepare commercialization reports in years where (a) Company delivers to University a written Sales Report with active sales, and (b) Company has fulfilled all Performance Milestones. In relation to each of the Performance Milestones each commercialization report will include sufficient information to demonstrate achievement of those Performance Milestones and will set out timeframes and plans for achieving those Performance Milestones which have not yet been met.
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Commercialization Reports. After the First Commercial Sale of a Licensed Product anywhere in the Territory, LICENSEE shall submit to Cornell semi-annual reports on or before each February 28 and August 31 of each year. Each report shall cover LICENSEE’s (and each Affiliate’s and Sublicensee’s) most recently completed calendar half-year and shall show:
Commercialization Reports. Each Party will keep the JCC fully informed regarding the progress and results of its Commercialization activities with respect to Collaboration Products under this Agreement.
Commercialization Reports. LICENSEE, within thirty (30) days of the end of each Contract Half-Year, shall deliver to MSK true and accurate reports, giving such particulars of the business conducted by LICENSEE and its Sublicensees during the preceding six-month period under this Agreement. The reports shall include at least the following information, to be itemized per Licensed Product and/ or Licensed Service:
Commercialization Reports. Throughout the Term and during the Post-termination Period, and within thirty (30) days of the date specified in the schedule set forth in section 10 of the EPLA, the Licensee shall deliver to the University written reports of the Licensee’s and the sublicensees’ efforts and plans to commercialize the Licensed Technology and to manufacture, offer to sell, or sell Licensed Products.
Commercialization Reports. Celgene will, with Jounce’s cooperation CERTAIN CONFIDENTIAL PORTIONS OF THIS EXHIBIT WERE OMITTED AND REPLACED WITH “[***]”. A COMPLETE VERSION OF THIS EXHIBIT HAS BEEN FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE SECRETARY OF THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION PURSUANT TO AN APPLICATION REQUESTING CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT PURSUANT TO RULE 406 PROMULGATED UNDER THE SECURITIES ACT OF 1933, AS AMENDED. with respect to its activities under the U.S. Commercialization Plan, provide the JCC with a report, as soon as practicable but in no event later than [***] days following the end of each Calendar Quarter commencing as of and continuing after the Calendar Quarter in which the first Co-Co Product has received Regulatory Approval in the United States setting forth a summary written progress report on the status of its Commercialization Activities with respect to Co-Co Products and Co-Co Diagnostic Products, including the number of details made by any sales representatives of Co-Co Product in the United States during such Calendar Quarter (a “U.S. Commercialization Report”), as well as Celgene’s plans with respect to Commercialization of Co-Co Products and Co-Co Diagnostic Products during the following [***] period. At least [***] prior to the anticipated First Co-Co Sale of a Co-Co Product under this Celgene Lead Co-Co Agreement in the United States, the JCC shall discuss and agree upon the form and content for such U.S. Commercialization Report. Such U.S. Commercialization Report shall also describe in reasonable detail the number of sales representatives dedicated to Commercialization of such products, the detailing strategy for such products, advertising, marketing and other promotional activities being conducted for such products, educational and scientific presentations to be made with respect to such products, actual and projected sales of such products, the key opinion leaders to be engaged with respect to such products, and other matters agreed upon by the JCC.
Commercialization Reports. At the first meeting of the JRC following provision by Celgene to GlobeImmune of the draft Commercialization Plan pursuant to Section 4.3.2, and at each annual meeting thereafter with respect to a Licensed Product, Celgene will provide the JRC with a summary of its plans for Commercialization of each Licensed Product, and will provide the JRC with any updates and revisions to the Commercialization Plan for each Licensed Product in accordance with Section 4.3.2. [*] = Certain confidential information contained in this document, marked by brackets, is filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to Rule 406 of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended.
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Commercialization Reports. Zai will update the JSC at each regularly scheduled JSC meeting regarding Zai’s Commercialization activities with respect to the Licensed Products in the Territory. Each such update will be in a form to be agreed by the JSC and will summarize Zai’s, its Affiliates’ and Sublicensees’ significant Commercialization activities with respect to the Licensed Products in the Territory, covering subject matter at a level of detail reasonably required by NVCR and sufficient to enable NVCR to determine Zai’s compliance with its diligence obligations pursuant to Section 8.1. In addition, Zai will make available to NVCR such additional information about its Commercialization activities as may be reasonably requested by NVCR from time to time. For clarity, Zai will not be required to include information in its updates and reports under this Section 8.3 that it does not otherwise create for its own internal purposes. All updates and reports generated pursuant to this Section 8.3 shall be the Confidential Information of Zai.
Commercialization Reports. Each Party shall keep the JCC fully informed regarding the progress and results of Commercialization activities for Products in the U.S. and RoW, including an annual review of results versus plans (as set forth in the U.S. Commercialization Plan(s)).
Commercialization Reports. Xxxxxx shall keep the JSC regularly informed of the progress of its efforts to Commercialize Products in the Field and in the Territory. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Xxxxxx shall provide Enanta with semi-annual written updates to each Marketing and Sales Plan, which shall (a) summarize Xxxxxx’x efforts to Commercialize Products, (b) identify the Regulatory Filings and Drug Approval Applications with respect to Candidates that Xxxxxx or any of its Affiliates or Sublicensees have filed in the prior twelve (12) month period or reasonably expect to make in the following twelve (12) month period, (c) identify the Regulatory Approvals with respect to Products that Xxxxxx or any of its Affiliates or Sublicensees have obtained in the prior twelve (12) month period or reasonably expect to obtain in the following twelve (12) month period, and (d) summarize all clinical and other data generated by Xxxxxx with respect to Products. In addition, Xxxxxx shall provide such additional information that it has in its possession as may be reasonably requested from time to time by the JSC regarding the Commercialization of any Product.
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