Prevention Sample Clauses

Prevention. IP shall take all appropriate measures to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse, and child safeguarding violations, by its employees, personnel or subcontractors. IP shall, inter alia, ensure that its employees, personnel or subcontractors shall have undertaken and successfully completed appropriate training with regard to the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse, and training on safeguarding children. Such training shall include but not be limited to: reference to definitions of sexual exploitation and sexual abuse, and child safeguarding violations; a clear and unambiguous statement that any form of sexual exploitation and abuse, and any conduct that undermines the safeguarding of children, is prohibited; the requirement that any allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse, or child safeguarding violations be promptly reported as provided for in Article 14.4; and the requirement that alleged victims of sexual exploitation and abuse or child safeguarding violations, be promptly informed of and referred to available professional assistance, upon her or his consent.
Prevention. The Exhibitor shall not use any flammable decorations or coverings for display purpose. All fabrics or other material used for decoration purposes shall be flameproof. The Exhibitor shall comply with all applicable fire regulations.
Prevention. Without limiting CONTRACTOR’s responsibilities described above, CONTRACTOR shall take all reasonable precautions for the safety of, and the prevention of injury or damage to: (1) all Subcontractors, agents and employees of CONTRACTOR performing work on the Premises or related to the Services and all other persons who may be affected thereby, including the general public, (2) all the Services and all materials and equipment to be incorporated therein, whether in storage on or off the Premises, under the care custody or control of CONTRACTOR or any of its Subcontractors or any contractors directly or indirectly contracting through any of them, and (3) other property at the Premises or adjacent thereto, including but not limited to trees, shrubs, lawns, walks, pavements, roadways, structures and utilities not designated for removal, relocation or replacement in the course of the Services. CONTRACTOR shall promptly remedy all damage or loss to any such property caused in whole or in part by CONTRACTOR, any Subcontractors, or anyone directly or indirectly contracted or employed by any of them or by anyone for whose acts any of them may be liable. Without limiting the foregoing, CONTRACTOR shall:
Prevention. Ensuring, through awareness and good practice, that staff and those who work with Save the Children minimise the risks of any form of sexual exploitation and abuse, including but by no means limited to conducting relevant vetting and background checks of staff as part of their recruitment process.
Prevention. It is better to take action before harm occurs. “I receive clear and simple information about what abuse is, how to recognise the signs and what I can do to seek help.”
Prevention. All those to whom the policy applies are obligated to follow policies and procedures aimed at ensuring a positive work environment. There is a duty upon all to prevent harassment and violence by discouraging inappropriate activities and by reporting incidents as described in this policy. Confidentiality and Privacy Individual privacy and confidentiality are basic principles underlying all parts of the process. All those involved in a complaint will keep all information confidential except as necessary to investigate the complaint or take disciplinary action related to the complaint, or as required by law. The Employer shall not disclose more personal information than is reasonably necessary to protect the worker from physical injury. Any individual who becomes aware of an incident of harassment should not disclose the details of the incident to any third party except in accordance with this policy. Gossiping about an incident seriously undermines the privacy of all parties involved and will not be tolerated. Those with questions or concerns about an incident should speak to their immediate supervisor or Human Resources. Conflict of Interest The people involved in the harassment/or violence resolution process must be objective and free of conflict of interest. No Retaliation Every individual covered by this policy has a right to carry out any of the following actions without fear of retaliation. A person may  file a harassment complaint  file a workplace violence incident report  participate or cooperate in an investigationprovide information relevant to the complaint  act in any designated role under the policy and procedure. Retaliation is prohibited against anyone who, in good faith, reports a possible violation of the workplace violence and harassment policy or cooperated in an employer-led investigation. Anyone who retaliates, directly or indirectly, in any way against a person who in good faith has complained of workplace harassment or workplace violence, participated in a workplace harassment or workplace violence investigation, or been found to have harassed another person, will themselves be subject to a harassment investigation. Unsubstantiated Complaints If an individual, in good faith, files a workplace harassment or workplace violence complaint that is not supported by evidence gathered during an investigation, that complaint will be dismissed, and no record of it will be put in either the complainant’s or the respondent’s file. Maliciou...