Policy and Procedure Sample Clauses

Policy and Procedure. Every employee has the right to work in an environment free of discrimination and harassment. This right includes the responsibility to eliminate harassment in our workplace, either as a participant or as an observer. This policy and procedure outlines the commitment of Chrysler Canada Inc. to ensure a harassment-free workplace as required under the Ontario Human Rights Code and will act as a guide to employees in adhering to legal and social guidelines regarding the recognition and prevention of harassment. This policy exists to underline the seriousness of workplace harassment and to establish that there is no acceptable level of harassment at Chrysler Canada Inc. Employees who feel that they are being harassed are encouraged to seek protection under this policy. Harassment, discrimination or solicitation, whether verbal, physical or environmental is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. (c05)
Policy and Procedure. Excluding any oral reprimand, the County will not issue a written reprimand, suspension without pay, demotion, reduction in pay for disciplinary purposes, or disciplinary termination of a regular employee covered by this agreement without just cause. Employee discipline may include oral reprimands, written reprimands, suspensions without pay, reductions-in-pay, demotions and disciplinary terminations. Employee discipline may, where determined appropriate by the County, include the concept of corrective discipline. Corrective disciplinary action is designed to provide a fair and structured way for employees to improve their job performance and/or behavior, should the employee’s performance or behavior not meet standards or demands of the employee’s position. Further, the concept of corrective discipline is intended to provide a fair and equitable system for treatment of employees who will not or cannot bring their performance and/or behavior up to the standards expected by the County. Corrective disciplinary action may begin at any of the steps of employee discipline, depending on the seriousness of the offense and/or conduct in question, the frequency of the of the occurrence of the substandard performance and/or behavior, or the cumulative effect of multiple minor infractions. The provisions of this Article shall not apply to oral reprimands or employees serving a probationary period. Employee discipline, excluding oral reprimands, may be appealed through the procedure set forth below, and this procedure shall be the exclusive remedy for the appeal of disciplinary actions.
Policy and Procedure. Any employee suspected of using, abusing or illegally possessing any drug or controlled substance will be covered by these provisions:
Policy and Procedure. A. School District will ensure that each student seeking enrollment in a Dual Enrollment Course:
Policy and Procedure. A. In the event that a party to this Agreement is in need of assistance as set forth above, it shall notify the agency head or his designee from whom such assistance is required. The agency head or designee whose assistance is sought shall evaluate the situation and the agency’s available resources, consult with his/her supervisors if necessary, and will respond in a manner he/she deems appropriate. The agency head’s decision in this regard shall be final.
Policy and Procedure. This Master Agreement supersedes the policy manual. In case of conflict with the policy manual, this Master Agreement prevails. A copy of the current policy manual and a copy of the current procedures manual is maintained on the College intranet. The President of the College shall furnish each employee with any addenda or changes in policy or procedures.
Policy and Procedure. A. College will comply with all applicable procedures and requirements for the Dual Enrollment Courses set out in state statute and College policy.
Policy and Procedure. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, the Servicer, in servicing and administering the Mortgage Loans, shall employ or cause to be employed procedures (including collection, foreclosure and REO Property management procedures) and exercise the same care that it customarily employs and exercises in servicing and administering mortgage loans for its own account, in accordance with accepted mortgage servicing practices of prudent lending institutions servicing mortgage loans similar to the Mortgage Loans, and giving due consideration to the Depositor's, the Certificate Insurer's, the Advancing Party's, and the Certificateholders' reliance on the Servicer. In addition, the Servicer shall service the Mortgage Loans in compliance with the Servicing Policy and Procedure and all Applicable Regulations. The Servicer acknowledges that the Advancing Party may request reasonable changes to improve performance (a "Requested Change") to the Servicing Policy and Procedure from time to time. Such changes shall only become effective forty-five (45) days after they have been proposed to the Servicer, unless the Servicer reasonably objects in writing, in which case the Advancing Party and the Servicer will cooperate in good faith to come to an acceptable agreement with respect to such changes. If the change is one that is not consistent with the FHLMC Single Family Seller/Servicer Guide and is unique to the Mortgage Loans, the Servicer and the Advancing Party shall meet and determine the proper method and reasonable manner to implement such change, and such a change shall not be implemented without the written consent of the Certificate Insurer, which shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed. The cost of any such Requested Change shall be borne by the Advancing Party except as provided below with respect to Required Changes. Changes to the Servicing Policy and Procedure that are (1) required by all FHLMC servicers (not including changes to provisions of the FHLMC Single Family Seller/Servicer Guide which provisions are excluded from the Servicing Policy and Procedure), and which changes reflect servicing practices generally undertaken by prudent servicers of sub-prime mortgage loans, and which should not reasonably be expected to have a negative effect on the Servicer's ability to meet Performance Standards, or (2) required to comply with Applicable Regulations (each a "Required Change"), shall be the sole responsibility of the Servicer and shall be ...
Policy and Procedure. 10.1.1 Provide current content of company policies and procedures. a a a
Policy and Procedure. Any Bargaining Unit Member suspected of using, abusing, or illegally possessing any drug or controlled substance will be covered by these provisions: