A request for assistance Sample Clauses

A request for assistance in collection of taxes due from a taxpayer shall be made only if adequate assets of that taxpayer are not available for recovering the taxes from him in the Contracting State making the request.
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  • Request for Assistance Whenever, in the opinion of a Requesting Official of a Party, there is a need for Public Works Assistance from another Party, such Requesting Official may, at his or her discretion, call upon the Sending Official of any other Party to furnish Public Works Assistance.

  • Request for Hearing The employee must file a written request for hearing within fifteen calendar days of receipt of the Notice of Dismissal or Suspension. Filing means receipt in the office designated no later than regular close of business on the last day of the filing period. Failure to file such request in a timely manner shall be deemed a waiver of the right to a hearing and the proposed action shall be effective upon action by the Governing Board without notice or hearing except as may be required in a board meeting agenda.

  • REQUEST FOR REVIEW Within sixty (60) days after receiving notice from the Plan Administrator that a claim has been denied (in part or all of the claim), then claimant (or their duly authorized representative) may file with the Plan Administrator, a written request for a review of the denial of the claim. The claimant (or his duly authorized representative) shall then have the opportunity to submit written comments, documents, records and other information relating to the claim. The Plan Administrator shall also provide the claimant, upon request and free of charge, reasonable access to, and copies of, all documents, records and other information relevant (as defined in applicable ERISA regulations) to the claimant’s claim for benefits.

  • For Additional Copies or Assistance If you need additional copies of this application, or would like assistance completing it, please call the Xxxxxx Funds at 0-000-000-0000 or go to xxx.xxxxxxxxxxx.xxx Instructions

  • Voluntary Requests for Assistance The Employer shall take no adverse action against an employee who voluntarily seeks treatment or counseling. The Employer shall assist an employee seeking assistance by making available means by which referrals or treatment may be obtained (Employee Assistance Program). Such assistance shall be obtained at the employee's expense.

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