Legal Requirements Sample Clauses

Legal Requirements. At the Closing, the sale and issuance by the Company, and the purchase by the Investors, of the Notes shall be legally permitted by all laws and regulations to which the Investors or the Company are subject.

Legal Requirements. The Parties shall take all reasonable actions necessary or desirable to comply promptly with all legal requirements which may be imposed on them with respect to the consummation of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement (including, without limitation, furnishing all information required in connection with approvals of or filings with any Governmental Authority, and prompt resolution of any litigation prompted hereby), and shall promptly cooperate with, and furnish information to, the other Parties to the extent necessary in connection with any such requirements imposed upon any of them in connection with the consummation of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement.

Legal Requirements. The granting of Awards and the issuance of shares of Common Stock under the Plan are subject to all applicable laws, rules and regulations and to such approvals by any governmental agencies or national securities exchanges as may be required.

Legal Requirements. Except as provided in Section 10.03, all obligations of Assignor under this Conveyance are, and shall be, subject to all applicable Legal Requirements and the instruments, documents and agreements creating the Subject Interests.

Legal Requirements. Manager shall execute and file when due all forms, reports, and returns required by law relating to the employment of its personnel. Manager shall be responsible for notifying Owner in the event it receives notice that any Improvement on a Property or any equipment therein does not comply with the requirements of any statute, ordinance, law or regulation of any governmental body or of any public authority or official thereof having or claiming to have jurisdiction thereover. Manager shall promptly forward to Owner any complaints, warnings, notices or summonses received by it relating to such matters. Owner represents that to the best of its knowledge each of its Properties and any equipment thereon will upon acquisition by Owner comply with all such requirements. Owner authorizes Manager to disclose the ownership of the Property by Owner to any such officials. Owner agrees to indemnify, protect, defend, save and hold Manager and its stockholders, officers, directors, employees, managers, successors and assigns (collectively, the Indemnified Parties) harmless of and from any and all Losses (as defined in Section 3.5(a) hereof) that may be imposed on them or any or all of them by reason of the failure of Owner to correct any present or future violation or alleged violation of any and all present or future laws, ordinances, statutes, or regulations of any public authority or official thereof, having or claiming to have jurisdiction thereover, of which it has actual notice.

Legal Requirements. No shares issuable under this Award shall be issued or delivered unless and until, in the opinion of counsel for the Corporation, all applicable requirements of federal and state law and of the Securities and Exchange Commission pertaining to the issuance and sale of such shares and any applicable listing requirements of any national securities exchange on which shares of the same class are then listed, shall have been fully complied with. In connection with any such issuance or transfer, the person acquiring the shares shall, if requested by the Corporation, give assurances satisfactory to counsel to the Corporation in respect of such matters as the Corporation or any Subsidiary of the Corporation may deem desirable to assure compliance with all applicable legal requirements.

Legal Requirements. The Borrower, any Borrower Subsidiary or any Loan Party may contest in good faith any claim, demand, levy or assessment under any Laws by any Person or entity if: (i) the contest is based upon a material question of Law or fact raised by the Borrower in good faith; (ii) such Person properly commences and thereafter diligently pursues the contest; (iii) the contest will not materially impair the ability to ultimately comply with the contested Law should the contest not be successful; (iv) if the contest concerns a Borrowing Base Property or a Borrowing Base Property Owner, reasonable reserves in an amount necessary to undertake and pay for such contest and any corrective or remedial action then or thereafter reasonably likely to be necessary shall have been established in a manner reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent or deposited in cash (or cash equivalents) with the Administrative Agent to be held during the pendency of such contest, or such contested amount shall have been duly bonded in accordance with applicable Law; (v) no Event of Default exists; (vi) if the contest relates to an Environmental Legal Requirement, the conditions set forth in the Environmental Indemnity Agreement relating to such contests shall be satisfied; (vii) no imminent risk of sale, forfeiture or loss of any interest in any Borrowing Base Property or any part thereof arises during the pendency of such contest; and (viii) such contest could not reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect.

Legal Requirements. Borrower shall fail to cure properly any violations of Legal Requirements affecting all or any portion of any Property that could reasonably be expected to result in a Material Adverse Effect within 30 days after Borrower first receives written notice of any such violations; provided, however, if any such violation is reasonably susceptible of cure, but not within such 30 day period, then Borrower shall be permitted up to an additional 30 days to cure such violation provided that Borrower commences a cure within such initial 30 day period and thereafter diligently and continuously pursues such cure.

Legal Requirements. If the listing, registration or qualification of the Option Shares upon any securities exchange or under any federal or state law, or the consent or approval of any governmental regulatory body is necessary as a condition of or in connection with the purchase of such Option Shares, the Company shall not be obligated to issue or deliver the certificates representing the Option Shares as to which the Option has been exercised unless and until such listing, registration, qualification, consent or approval shall have been effected or obtained. If registration is considered unnecessary by the Company or its counsel, the Company may cause a legend to be placed on the Option Shares being issued calling attention to the fact that they have been acquired for investment and have not been registered.

Legal Requirements. The term Legal Requirements, when described as being applicable to any Person, shall mean any and all laws (statutory, judicial or otherwise), ordinances, regulations, judgments, orders, directives, injunctions, writs, decrees or awards of, and any Contracts with, any Governmental Authority, in each case as and to the extent applicable to such Person or such Persons business, operations or properties.