Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx Sample Clauses

Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx. Air Traffic ManagerLos Angeles ARTCC Xxxxx Xxxxx Air Traffic Manager “ Denver ARTCC Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx
Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx. 5.1 Term (refer to Agreement, Section 11)
Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx. Xxxxxxxx may immediately serve written notice of tender upon Surety whereby Surety shall have the right to take over and perform this Facilities Lease only if Surety:
Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx. Other abbreviations AJP American Journal of Philology
Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx. How does the Change in Effective Control over Territory Influence the Application of the Ukraine-Russia and Other BITS? To BIT or NOT TO BIT? 533 I. Introduction 533 II. Application of the Ukraine-Russia BIT 534 A. Outlook of the Ukrainian Cases 534 B. Arbitration AgreementReady, Steady, Go 535
Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx. For and onboard with this development. Concerns regarding traffic on secondary roads; Xxxxxx Dr, Xxxxxx and MicMac and the speed that people drive through these side streets. Concerns about people parking in side streets because there are more units then parking spots. Thinks the building is lovely and widening the roads - great.
Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx. Xxxx maintenance is defined as work normally necessary to preserve and keep the roads in their present condition or as hereafter improved. At a minimum, roads shall be maintained to meet forest practice standards set forth in WAC 000-00-000 as now written or hereafter amended. Unless contrary to the terms of an express easement authorizing access, the cost of performance of road maintenance and resurfacing shall be allocated on the basis of respective uses of said road. During periods when a road, or portions thereof, is used solely by Lessee, Lessee shall solely maintain that portion of said road to the standards set forth above; provided State reserves the right to make reasonable allocations concerning priority of use and maintenance of said roads by it and others. Where there is joint use of a road, or portion thereof, Lessee shall perform or cause to be performed, or contribute or cause to be contributed, that share of maintenance and resurfacing occasioned by such use as hereinafter provided. During periods when more than one party is using the same road or any portion thereof, the parties hereto shall meet and establish necessary maintenance provisions. Such provisions shall include, but shall not be limited to:
Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx. Data AccessDescription of Services
Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx. 1991. A public management for all seasons. Public Administra- tion 69 (1): 3–19. Hossam, A. 1998. Structural adjustment and gender in sub-Saharan Africa. PhD diss., University of Manchester, IDPM. Xxxxxx, D. 1998. Strategic management: From theory to implementation. London, Great Britain: Xxxxxxxxxxx-Xxxxxxxxx. XXX. 1996. Rwanda: Country assessment strategyProgress report, Washington,