Software or Hardware Sample Clauses

Software or Hardware. Customer will not receive any hardware or software from Xpress under this Agreement except as specified in Exhibit B. Customer will use its own computers and agrees to have internet services through an internet service provider. Customer agrees that the computers it uses will have sufficient memory and capacity to run at least Internet Explorer 8 or Mozilla Fire Fox 2.0.
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Software or Hardware purchased from a third party other than Innovation or an Innovation authorized reseller; or (iii) Hardware or Software that has been out of warranty for over ninety (90) calendar days.

Related to Software or Hardware

  • Licensed Software Computer program(s) provided by Contractor in connection with the Deliverables, subject to Section 14 of this Contract.

  • Software Use Case Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Supported on physical hardware solely to support virtual quests. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization is designed to run and manage virtual instances and does not support user-space applications. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization may be used as a virtual desktop infrastructure solution, however, the Subscription does not come with any software or support for the desktop operating system. You must purchase the operating system for each instance of a desktop or server separately.

  • Software Title and ownership to Existing Software Product(s) delivered by Contractor under the Contract that is normally commercially distributed on a license basis by the Contractor or other independent software vendor proprietary owner (“Existing Licensed Product”), embedded in the Custom Products, shall remain with Contractor or the proprietary owner of other independent software vendor(s) (ISV). Effective upon acceptance, such Product shall be licensed to Authorized User in accordance with the Contractor or ISV owner’s standard license agreement, provided, however, that such standard license, must, at a minimum: (a) grant Authorized User a non-exclusive, perpetual license to use, execute, reproduce, display, perform, adapt (unless Contractor advises Authorized User as part of Contractor’s proposal that adaptation will violate existing agreements or statutes and Contractor demonstrates such to the Authorized User’s satisfaction) and distribute Existing Licensed Product to the Authorized User up to the license capacity stated in the Purchase Order or work order with all license rights necessary to fully effect the general business purpose(s) stated in the Bid or Authorized User’s Purchase Order or work order, including the financing assignment rights set forth in paragraph (c) below; and (b) recognize the State of New York as the licensee where the Authorized User is a state agency, department, board, commission, office or institution. Where these rights are not otherwise covered by the ISV’s owner’s standard license agreement, the Contractor shall be responsible for obtaining these rights at its sole cost and expense. The Authorized User shall reproduce all copyright notices and any other legend of ownership on any copies authorized under this clause. Open source software is developed independently of Contractor and may be governed by a separate license (“open source software”). If the open source software is governed by a separate License and provided under this Contract, Contractor shall provide a copy of that license in the applicable Documentation and the Authorized User's license rights and obligations with respect to that open source software shall be defined by those separate license terms and subject to the conditions, if any, therein. Nothing in this Contract shall restrict, limit, or otherwise affect any rights or obligations the Authorized User may have, or conditions to which the Authorized User may be subject, under such separate open source license terms.

  • Third Party Software 1. The Software may contain third party software that requires and/or additional terms and conditions. Such required third party software notices and/or additional terms and conditions are located at xxxx:// and are made a part of and incorporated by reference into this XXXX. By accepting this XXXX, You are also accepting the additional terms and conditions, if any, set forth therein.

  • Third Party Hardware Third Party Hardware costs, if any, are invoiced upon delivery.

  • Antivirus software All workstations, laptops and other systems that process and/or store PHI COUNTY discloses to CONTRACTOR or CONTRACTOR creates, receives, maintains, or transmits on behalf of COUNTY must have installed and actively use comprehensive anti-virus software solution with automatic updates scheduled at least daily.

  • Third Party Software/Open Source Nothing in this Agreement shall restrict, limit or otherwise affect any rights or obligations You may have, or conditions to which You may be subject, under any applicable open source licenses to any open source code contained in the Software. The Software may include or be bundled with other software programs licensed under different terms and/or licensed by a licensor other than Licensor. Use of any software programs accompanied by a separate license agreement is governed by that separate license agreement. Any third party software that may be provided with the Software is included for use at Your option.

  • Hardware and Software In order to use the Services, you must obtain and maintain, at your expense, compatible mobile hardware and software as specified by Credit Union from time to time. Credit Union is not responsible for any third party software you may need to use the Services. Any such software is accepted by you as is and is subject to the terms and conditions of the software agreement you enter into directly with the third party software provider at time of download and installation.

  • Embedded Software To the extent any goods contain Embedded Software (defined below) that is not Buyer’s Property, no title to such Embedded Software shall pass to Buyer, and Supplier shall grant Buyer, its customers and all other users a non-exclusive worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free right to use, load, install, execute, demonstrate, market, test, resell, sublicense and distribute such Embedded Software as an integral part of such goods or for servicing the goods (the “Buyer-Required License”). If such Embedded Software or any part thereof is owned by a third party, prior to delivery, Supplier shall obtain the Buyer-Required License from such third-party owner. “Embedded Software” means software necessary for operation of goods and embedded in and delivered as an integral part of goods.

  • Required hardware and software The minimum system requirements for using the DocuSign system may change over time. The current system requirements are found here: xxxxx:// signing-system-requirements. Acknowledging your access and consent to receive and sign documents electronically To confirm to us that you can access this information electronically, which will be similar to other electronic notices and disclosures that we will provide to you, please confirm that you have read this ERSD, and (i) that you are able to print on paper or electronically save this ERSD for your future reference and access; or (ii) that you are able to email this ERSD to an email address where you will be able to print on paper or save it for your future reference and access. Further, if you consent to receiving notices and disclosures exclusively in electronic format as described herein, then select the check-box next to ‘I agree to use electronic records and signatures’ before clicking ‘CONTINUE’ within the DocuSign system. By selecting the check-box next to ‘I agree to use electronic records and signatures’, you confirm that: • You can access and read this Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure; and • You can print on paper this Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure, or save or send this Electronic Record and Disclosure to a location where you can print it, for future reference and access; and

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