Failure to Take Sample Clauses

Failure to Take. If Buyer fails to take delivery, when available, of the Nominated Quantity and if such failure is not the result of force majeure, then:
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Failure to Take. If Buyer fails to receive --------------- and purchase its full requirements in accordance with Section 2.1 above, then Buyer will pay Seller $0.035 per MMBtu plus the difference in the price stated in 3.1.1 and Gas Daily TGP 500 leg average index times the difference between (a) its full requirements and (b) the quantities actually taken by Buyer during the applicable seasonal period.
Failure to Take. If FUEL fails to take the Firm Natural Gas Service fixed volume during the Commercial Operating Period, including any and all planned or unplanned maintenance periods, or Interruptible Natural Gas Service nominated volume during the Test Operating Period or Commercial Operating Period, any costs incurred by the City of Camilla as a result of this failure to take, including but not limited to any costs incurred by the City related to the remarketing of any such volumes, will be passed through to FUEL at actual cost incurred.
Failure to Take. (a) If on any day Customer: (i) fails to nominate the quantity of Gas required by Section 5.3(b) to be redelivered for its account at the Gas Delivery Point on the following day or (ii) fails materially to take redelivery at the Gas Delivery Point of such Gas at the rate nominated in accordance with Section 5.3(b) for its account on such day, and such failure is for reasons other than an event of Force Majeure or the inability of a Downstream Pipeline to take delivery of Customer’s Gas, such inability being not reasonably within the control of Customer, then SABINE may, at its sole discretion, take title to the quantity of Gas not nominated or taken on such day, free and clear of any Claims, and sell or otherwise dispose of such Gas using good faith efforts to obtain commercially reasonable prices and to minimize costs. Customer shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless SABINE, its Affiliates, and their respective directors, officers, members and employees, for the actual and reasonable costs incurred by SABINE as a result of such sale or other disposition of same by SABINE. SABINE shall credit to Customer’s account the net proceeds from the sale or other disposition of Gas from Customer’s Inventory to which it takes title hereunder, minus actual transportation costs, any other third party charges and an administrative fee of five U.S. cents ($0.05) per MMBTU; provided, however, that if the amount of the credit exceeds the amount due to SABINE under the next monthly statement, then SABINE agrees to pay any such excess amount to Customer within five (5) Business Days after delivery of such monthly statement. In the event SABINE is required to dispose of Customer’s Gas more than three (3) times in any Contract Year, the administrative fee shall be increased to ten U.S. cents ($0.10) per MMBTU for each occasion thereafter in such Contract Year.
Failure to Take a. By the BuyerIn the event of a Failure to Take by the Buyer, the Buyer will pay to Exchange an amount equal to:
Failure to Take. Delivery If vessel fails to file before the end of the delivery period, buyer shall be in breach of contract and seller shall carry the grain for buyer's account and risk as provided in Clause 19. In the event that buyer has not given vessel nominations conforming to the applicable provisions of Clause 8 by the 15th calendar day following the last day of the delivery period, or if the vessels having been nominated within such time, fail to file by the 35th calendar day following the last day of the delivery period, seller may, in its discretion: (a) continue to carry the commodity for buyer's account and risk, (b) declare buyer in default, or (c) tender to buyer proper warehouse receipts in a quantity equal to the mean quantity open under this contract, in exchange for which buyer shall pay at contract price plus accrued carrying charges, but less out-elevation and outbound weighing and inspection charges. Such tender of warehouse receipts shall be deemed due performance of the contract by seller. SPECIAL PROVISIONS FOR CONTRACTS PROVIDING FOR DELIVERY AT ST. XXXXXXXX, GREAT LAKES OR XXXXXX BAY PORTS: (1) Seller shall be barred from declaring option (b) above while the navigation in the designated delivery area is officially closed for the ice season, and for 20 days thereafter. (2) However, if options (a), (b) and (c) above become available to seller only while the navigation is officially closed, the seller may declare option (b) during the first 10 days it becomes available to him; thereafter, he shall be barred from declaring it, until the 21st day after the official opening of navigation. (3) If seller carries the grain into the new season for buyer's account, buyer shall have the right to nominate vessels per Clause 8, regardless of whether vessels were already nominated during the delivery period.

Related to Failure to Take

  • Agreement to Take Actions Each party to this Agreement shall execute and deliver such documents, certificates, agreements and other instruments, and shall take all other actions, as may be reasonably necessary or desirable in order to perform his or its obligations under this Agreement.

  • Failure to Notify If Contractor fails to specify in writing any problem or circumstance that materially affects the costs of its delivery of services or products, including a material breach by the Department, about which Contractor knew or reasonably should have known with respect to the period during the term covered by Contractor's status report, Contractor shall not be entitled to rely upon such problem or circumstance as a purported justification for an increase in the price for the agreed upon scope.

  • Lenders’ Failure to Perform All Advances (other than Swing Loans and Agent Advances) shall be made by the Lenders contemporaneously and in accordance with their Pro Rata Shares. It is understood that (i) no Lender shall be responsible for any failure by any other Lender to perform its obligation to make any Advance (or other extension of credit) hereunder, nor shall any Commitment of any Lender be increased or decreased as a result of any failure by any other Lender to perform its obligations hereunder, and (ii) no failure by any Lender to perform its obligations hereunder shall excuse any other Lender from its obligations hereunder.

  • Failure to Contribute Pursuant to Section 00-00-000 of the Act, any contribution must be satisfied by the Member within sixty (60) days from the date of the call for capital. If a Member fails to make its required contributions to the Company, then the other Members may seek enforcement of the obligation to contribute capital. Any remedy under the Act may be pursued, including allowing the individual to become a Member without a transferable interest, provided there is unanimous consent from all Members who have satisfied their contribution obligations.

  • Failure to Perform In the event of a failure of performance due under this Agreement and if it becomes necessary for either party to undertake legal action against the other on account thereof, then the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees in addition to costs and necessary disbursements.

  • No Omissions or Misstatements None of the information included in this Agreement, other documents or information furnished or to be furnished by the Company, or any of its representations, contains any untrue statement of a material fact or is misleading in any material respect or omits to state any material fact. Copies of all documents referred to in herein have been delivered or made available to the Lender and constitute true and complete copies thereof and include all amendments, schedules, appendices, supplements or modifications thereto or waivers thereunder.

  • Failure to Convert Each notice of Conversion given pursuant to subsection (a) above shall be irrevocable and binding on the Borrower. In the case of any Borrowing that is to comprise Eurodollar Rate Revolving Loans upon Conversion, the Borrower agrees to indemnify each Lender against any loss, cost or expense incurred by such Lender if, as a result of the failure of the Borrower to satisfy any condition to such Conversion (including, without limitation, the occurrence of any Default), such Conversion does not occur. The Borrower’s obligations under this subsection (c) shall survive the repayment of all other amounts owing to the Lenders and the Administrative Agent under this Agreement and the termination of the Commitments.

  • Delay or Omission; No Waiver No course of dealing on the part of any Noteholder and no delay or failure on the part of any such Person to exercise any right hereunder shall impair such right or operate as a waiver of such right or otherwise prejudice such Person's rights, powers and remedies hereunder. Every right and remedy given by this Unconditional Guaranty or by law to any Noteholder may be exercised from time to time as often as may be deemed expedient by such Person.

  • Failure to Transfer Seller fails to transfer the Purchased Mortgage Loans to Buyer on the applicable Purchase Date (provided Buyer has tendered the related Purchase Price).

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