Nursery Sample Clauses

Nursery. Nursery room is free with any rental. You will need to provide your own Childcare. Renter is responsible for minors in attendance. It is strongly suggested that minors be supervised at all times, with at least 2 adults, and no adult is to be alone with a minor at any time. Kitchen Usage We have two full Kitchens (one upstairs and one downstairs) equipped with refrigerators, electric (upstairs) and 2 gas (downstairs) stoves/ovens, microwaves, coffee urns, 10- cup coffee pot (upstairs), and prep counters (downstairs). The kitchen(s) MUST BE LEFT CLEAN! Renter is responsible for clean-up of the kitchen area. This includes washing all dishes, pots and pans, serving pieces, etc.
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Nursery. Permittee’s Annual Community Benefit Rate Payment shall be based on the greater of the active state or local permitted canopy.
Nursery. If Seller notifies Purchaser at least 10 business days prior to the Closing Date that Seller intends to continue using the Premises identified as the nursery property on Schedule 5.28 (the "Nursery Property") for the propagation of trees ("Nursery Activities") and the greenhouse located on the Nursery Property (the "Greenhouse") for the nurturing of seedlings ("Greenhouse Activities") then (i) the Nursery Property shall not be deemed to be an Acquired Asset in a Premises for any purpose hereunder, and (ii) prior to the Closing Date Seller shall take all action reasonably necessary or requested by Purchaser in order to impose on the Nursery Property and record on the Carlton County land records, for the sole benefit of Purchaser and its successors and assigns, a recordable restrictive covenant limiting the use of the Nursery Property to Nursery Activities and Greenhouse Activities and reflecting Purchase's option right hereunder. Seller also agrees that, if it elects to so exclude the Nursery Property from the Acquired Assets, Purchaser shall have the irrevocable right to purchase the Nursery Property from Seller for a purchase price of $50,445 if Seller determines to cease using the Nursery Property for Nursery Activities and Greenhouse Activities or to use the Nursery Property for any activities other than Nursery Activities and Greenhouse Activities or to transfer all or any portion of the Nursery Property or grant to any person (other than a member of the Seller Group) any right to use the Nursery Property. Seller shall promptly notify Purchaser in writing of any such determination and Purchaser shall have 120 days from receipt of such notice to give a written notice to Seller electing to exercise such purchase right. If Purchaser elects to exercise such purchase right, Purchaser and Seller shall use commercially reasonable efforts to complete such purchase as promptly as reasonably practicable. If Purchaser does not exercise such Purchase right, Seller shall be entitled to remove, and Purchaser shall cooperate with Seller in removing, such restrictive covenant. The terms of such purchase shall be on substantially the terms of this Agreement as they would have applied to the Nursery Property if it had been included in the Premises on the Closing Date (and otherwise on terms and conditions reasonably satisfactory to Purchaser and Seller) and upon any such purchase the Nursery Property shall be deemed to be an Acquired Asset hereunder for all purposes. If...
Nursery. The Nursery is open only to instructors and parents working a job duty at that time. Parents must fill out a registration form and stay on the Church grounds. Nursery is for children four and under at the approval of the Nursery staff. Dress Code Students are encouraged to look professional in the appearance. In that respect, RSCA has a simple and straightforward dress code for all students: Shirts: long or short sleeve with a collar (polo or dress style with buttons) in solid colors. No graphics. Pants, shorts, or skirts in solid blue, black, navy, or khaki (any shade). Hem for shorts and skirts will be a reasonable, modest length near the knees. Solid colored sweaters (pullover but no hoods, button, zip, etc.) must be solid colored if worn throughout the class day. No graphics. Shoes: flat, non-marking, enclosed toe are best for play and movement. Lunch and Snacks Some snacks are provided. While effort is made to provide some allergen sensitive snacks, it is the parent and child responsibility to be capable of avoiding reactions. RSCA is not allergen free. All students have Lunch is together in Augsburg Hall. There are limited microwaves available for heating lunches. If you are not eating lunch with your child, it is suggested the lunch be ready to eat. Water is the only beverage available during snack time. Water bottles are encouraged. Electronics and Other Distractions Students should only bring items necessary for RSCA classes. We are an electronics free Academy. Unnecessary items and other toys should be left at home.
Nursery child care operations means providing child care, free of charge, to children under the age of twelve during scheduled church activities or events. Nursery/child care operations does not include day care activity of any kind.
Nursery. To maintain a degree of social distancing that is appropriate to the ages and stages of the children’s development. For children exhibiting COVID 19 symptoms who are then sent home, the school will require them to attend a PCR test and provide school with evidence of the result. To provide adequate sanitising and hand washing facilities. To provide disposable paper towels and tissues The office will be open but to only one parent at a time. Parents must wear masks and wait outside socially distanced from each other. Parents are advised to telephone or email if they can. The school will provide gloves, aprons, masks and protective glasses for the Nursery staff to use. Restrict access to outdoor play equipment, alongside soft furnishings and soft toys. The children will also not be able to use dressing up clothes To ensure that the Nursery is effectively clean at regular intervals throughout the day. Regular wiping of door handles, tables, toys. Toys will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised at the end of each day. Toys will not be shared between the rooms and will not be used more than once before they are sanitised. To provide posters (for example, to encourage consistency on hygiene and keeping to own group) To ensure that the school is efficiently clean and that the door handles and push pads are regularly sanitised Staff Staff must sanitise their hands upon arrival in school using the STEAM room entrance. Staff must not come to work if they have coronavirus symptoms, or go home as soon as these develop and access a test as soon as possible. Clean hands more often than usual - with running water and soap, and dry them thoroughly or use alcohol hand rub or sanitiser ensuring that all parts of the hands are covered. To use the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach. Avoid touching mouth, nose and eyes. To frequently clean touched surfaces often using wipes provided. Staff will modify their teaching approach to keep a distance from children in nursery as much as possible, particularly close face to face. Staff will help their children to follow the rules on hand cleaning, not touching their faces, ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’, as much a reasonably able with this age group of children Staff will endeavour to avoid their children from sharing toys and resources Staff will keep their classroom windows open if possible for air flow. Staff will limit the number of children from using the toilet at any one time. Staff will limit their contact indoors with other staff...
Nursery. PRT will manage the growth of the Seedlings at the nursery or nurseries specified in Schedule "A" or such other nursery facility as may be agreeable to the Owner (the "Nursery").
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Nursery. Any land used to raise trees, shrubs, flowers and other plants for sale or for transplanting. NURSING HOME A home licensed by the State of Colorado for the aged, chronically or incurably ill persons in which five or more such persons not of the immediate family are provided with food and shelter or care for compensation, but not including hospitals, clinics or similar institutions devoted primarily to the diagnosis and treatment of the sick or injured.
Nursery. Nursery room is free with any other rental. You will need to provide your own Childcare person.
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