Casual Employee definition

Casual Employee means an employee who has no set hours or days of work and who is normally asked to work as and when required.
Casual Employee is one who:
Casual Employee means an employee who normally works less than the full normal daily, weekly or monthly hours of work, as the case may be, and whose work is irregular, or non-recurring or does not follow an ongoing predetermined schedule of work on a regular and recurring basis;

Examples of Casual Employee in a sentence

  • A BECE is a Casual Employee with a guaranteed specified FTE of no less than 0.4 FTE and no specified hours per Shifts or Shifts per Shift cycle.

More Definitions of Casual Employee

Casual Employee means, i. a casual employee within the meaning of the local collective agreement,
Casual Employee meaning an employee who is employed for:
Casual Employee means an employee engaged and paid as such.
Casual Employee means any person specifically engaged to work on an irregular basis, as and when required by mutual consent between employer and employee, but does not include any person employed on a part-time or full-time basis.
Casual Employee means any person who is employed on a casual basis and includes any person who is employed for a period not exceeding 5 days at any one time.
Casual Employee means a person engaged on an as required basis and paid by the hour for work performed. Casual Employees shall be paid no less than the base rate plus 20% loading in lieu of paid annual leave and paid personal leave.
Casual Employee means an employee who is employed for relief purposes, or for work which is not scheduled on a regular basis, such as, but not limited to: