COVERED Sample Clauses

COVERED. PARTS - The parts listed in the Schedule of COVERED PARTS subsection of this AGREEMENT.
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COVERED. This limited warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship, subject to the exclusions below, in InSinkErator Products used by a consumer Customer for residential use only, and includes all replacement parts and labor costs. YOUR SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY UNDER THIS LIMITED WARRANTY SHALL BE LIMITED TO REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT OF THE INSINKERATOR PRODUCT, PROVIDED THAT IF WE DETERMINE IN OUR SOLE DISCRETION THAT NEITHER REMEDY IS PRACTICABLE, WE MAY PROVIDE YOU A REFUND OF YOUR PURCHASE PRICE OR A CREDIT TOWARDS ANOTHER INSINKERATOR PRODUCT. What is not Covered This limited warranty does not extend to and expressly excludes: • Losses or damages or the inability to operate your InSinkErator Product resulting from conditions beyond the Manufacturer’s control including, without limitation, accident, alteration, misuse, abuse, neglect, negligence (other than Manufacturer’s), failure to install, maintain, assemble, or mount the InSinkErator Product in accordance with Manufacturer’s instructions or local electrical and plumbing codes. • Wear and tear expected to occur during the normal course of use, including without limitation, cosmetic rust, scratches, dents or comparable and reasonably expected losses or damages. In addition to the above exclusions, this limited warranty does not apply to InSinkErator Products installed in a commercial or industrial application.
COVERED. There has been no change in the financial condition, results of operations, or cash flows of the Borrower since the date(s) of such financial statements, other than changes in the ordinary course of business, which changes have not been materially adverse, either singularly or in the aggregate.
COVERED. All components and parts, including range exhaust hoods located above the range, except those shown in the Not Covered section. Wi-Fi transmitter and broken, chipped, cracked glass cooktops due to misuse and abuse.
COVERED. Entity shall make the final determination whether the Breach requires notification to affected individuals and whether the notification shall be made by Covered Entity or Business Associate.
COVERED. This Agreement provides temporary insurance coverage only for the Primary Insured. The Primary Insured is the "Proposed Insured" named in the Request, the "Proposed Insured 1" named in the Application, or "Proposed Insured 1" and "Proposed Insured 2" named in Applications for survivorship life insurance coverage. THIS AGREEMENT DOES NOT PROVIDE INSURANCE COVERAGE FOR ANY OTHER PROPOSED INSUREDS, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, OTHER PROPOSED INSUREDS UNDER TERM INSURANCE RIDERS AND CHILD RIDERS. AMOUNT OF LIFE INSURANCE COVERAGE -- $1,000,000 MAXIMUM If death of a covered Primary Insured occurs while this Agreement is in effect, the Company will pay a death benefit to the beneficiary designated in the Application or Request. The death benefit shall be the LESSER of:
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COVERED. Entity shall notify Business Associate of the provisions and any limitations in its notice of privacy practices of Covered Entity in accordance with 45 CFR §164.520, to the extent that such provisions and limitations may affect Business Associate’s Use or Disclosure of PHI.
COVERED. Data As used in this Addendum, School District data means any and all data or information collected, maintained, generated or inferred that alone or in combination personally identifies an individual student or the student’s parent or family, in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, 34 C.F.R. § 99.3, and the Illinois School Student Records Act, 105 ILCS 10/2 and other non-public information, including student data, meta-data, and user content.
COVERED. (Note: All appliances must be part of the contract to purchase for the purchaser at the time of the sale of the home or be built-in). Free-standing range, built-in oven, cooktop, built-in dishwasher (pump, motor, timers, gaskets, spray arm, seals, air gap, latches, switches and heating element, control board), built-in microwave, garbage disposal, refrigerator compressor (only). Not Covered: Water dispenser, cracked or broken thermal shells, any loss or damage of a cosmetic nature such as denting, chipping, the cost of attaining access, replacement or repair of countertops or cabinets, racks, baskets, clocks, timers, rollers, glass or ceramic cooktops, self-cleaning mechanisms, cooking accessories, doors, door hinges, knobs, keypads, interior lining, door glass, latches, meat probes, rotisseries, shelves, ice makers, ice crushers, soap dispensers, beverage dispensers, broken interior, loss due to rust-out and food spoilage, recovery of refrigerant, and freezers which are not an integral part of refrigerator. PLUMBING SYSTEMS Plans that cover this item: Buyer | Seller Covered: Drains and standard faucets, leaks and breaks to water, vent, gas or sewer lines, waste lines, assembly parts within the toilet tank, valves to shower, tub diverter, interior hose bibs, stoppage in drain, vent and sewer lines; angle stops and risers. Clearing of stoppages with rotary machine (cleaning same lines after 14 days has elapsed shall be considered a new claim and is subject to a new deductible). The foregoing is covered only within the perimeter of the main foundation of the home including attached garage. Buyer only: Permanently installed sump pumps (ground water only). Not Covered: Sinks, bathtubs, fixtures, exterior hose bibs, filters, sewage ejector pumps, shower-base pans, shower enclosures, tub enclosures, toilet wax ring seals, toilet bowl and tank, caulking, grouting, tile fields, lawn sprinklers, xxxxx beds, root damage, any loss arising out of a condition of chemical or mineral deposits, water residue, rust-out, or insufficient capacity drain, low or high pressure, loss arising from porcelain cracking, chipping, dents or other externally caused physical damages, storage or holding tanks, auxiliary sump pumps. Sewage lines located outside the main foundation of the home and blockages from tree roots and foreign objects.
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