Recordation Sample Clauses

Recordation. Each original Mortgage was recorded and all subsequent assignments of the original Mortgage (other than the assignment to the Purchaser) have been recorded in the appropriate jurisdictions wherein such recordation is necessary to perfect the lien thereof as against creditors of the Seller, or is in the process of being recorded;
Recordation. Neither this Lease nor a memorandum of lease shall be filed by or on behalf of Tenant in any public record. Landlord may prepare and file, and upon request by Landlord Tenant will execute, a memorandum of lease.
Recordation. Tenant shall not record or register this Lease or a short form memorandum hereof without the prior written consent of Landlord, and then shall pay all charges and taxes incident such recording or registration.
Recordation. Neither this Agreement nor any memorandum or notice of this Agreement may be recorded by any party hereto without the prior written consent of the other party hereto. The provisions of this Section 14.19 shall survive all Closings hereunder or any termination of this Agreement.
Recordation. Neither this Lease, nor any notice nor memorandum regarding the terms hereof, shall be recorded by Tenant. Any such unauthorized recording shall be a Default for which there shall be no cure or grace period. Tenant agrees to execute and acknowledge, at the request of Landlord, a memorandum of this Lease, in recordable form.