NEW AND UNUSED Sample Clauses

NEW AND UNUSED. Unless the Specifications permit or require used Goods, all Goods provided by Contractor shall be new, unused, produced from current production components, and shall be delivered ready for use. No components may be used that are not offered in the manufacturer’s current parts catalog for the Goods.
NEW AND UNUSED. The equipments/products/materials furnished shall be new and unused, but may contain recycled materials in compliance with City, State, and Federal materials recycling guidelines and requirements. SAFETY REQUIREMENTS - OSHA AND CALOSHA: Any equipment or material furnished must conform to the safety orders/codes of the California Division of Industrial Safety, CalOSHA, and OSHA requirements where applicable. Any required certification necessary to place equipment or other items into service shall be the supplier's responsibility. A copy of certification shall be delivered with the equipment or items. All electrical items shall have Underwriter's Laboratory Listing or Approval. HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES/CHEMICALS: Specifications including products which may contain hazardous substances shown on the list prepared by the Director of Industrial Relations, State of California, pursuant to California Labor Code Sections 6380-6386, require Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) be prepared in compliance with Title 8, California Code of Regulators, Section 5194. MSDS shall accompany this quotation. Chemicals shall be free of known carcinogens, and shall comply with the current Safety Code of the California Division of Industrial Safety, and with OSHA requirements. If any ingredient n the product quoted is a carcinogen as shown on the most current list prepared by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), bidder shall separately identify such ingredients as a carcinogen. Bidder is advised that the products will not be accepted unless (1) the product may be used safely and (2) no acceptable non-carcinogen substitute is available. A copy of the MSDS shall accompany each product shipment to a City facility. Products/chemicals shall be delivered in containers labeled with the product's common chemical name and the common technical name of each of the product's chemical ingredients, together with a statement of precautions to be taken in Product use. A copy of the MSDS shall be available at location of use in the performance of the contract. EMERGENCY CALL OUT: Git of Los^An^es Purchasing Agent Xxxxxxxx XX 00000 Page XXXX 000 XXX XXXXXXX XX 00000 Vendor ID: 0000010489 X X XXXXXX AIR COND SVC 000 XXXXXX XXX XXXX XX 00000 Contract Dates 04/01/2015 to 03/31/2016 Description: HVAC, Refrig.. Inst, Rep & Ser Rate Date PO Date Contract Maximum 0.00 Item Minimum Order item Contract Maximum Line # Item ID Item Desc Qtv Amt Qtv Amt Supplier must provide a 24-hour telephone nu...
NEW AND UNUSED. Unless specifically provided to the contrary, all materials and equipment shall be new and unused and of the current production year. Bids that are received for other than the current production year or for items and materials that have been previously used will be rejected.