Up Time Sample Clauses

Up Time. The new provider will be responsible for ensuring the ICOTS PROD environment maintains an average uptime that is not below 99.8% during the hours of (7:00 am – 10:00 pm Eastern Time).Please describe how the proposed solution will meet the up-time requirement and include a cost breakdown of providing uptimes above 99.5% (e.g., 99.7%, 99.8%, etc.). 12 For information on licensing the Metaphone 3 source code, please see http://www.amorphics.com/buy_metaphone3.html‌13 For more information on the Soundex phonetic algorithm, please see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soundex
Up Time. High Up Time is critical for all products. This will be a result of excellence in design, materials, build, maintenance and support. Up Time is here defined as the % of time that all primary functions are running simultaneously out of the supported hours per quarter. Primary functions include print, copy, scan, email and/or fax, plus any other feature critical to the performance of the product (for example, finisher). As a minimum, the Authority requires 97% Up Time. For example, with 62 days in a quarter at 8.5 hours per day, all primary functions are required to be available for over 511 hours out of 527 hours covered. The Supplier must provide automatic replacement, on a like for like basis under the same terms and agreement end date, where:
Up Time. A consistent level of Up Time is critical for all software provided to the Contracting Bodies under this Framework Agreement. This will be a result of excellence in design, materials, build, maintenance and support. Support hours As a minimum, maintenance and support hours will cover 09.00 to 17.00 Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. It will be possible for the Contracting Body to: Log support calls with a help desk by email, by phone or service portal. Log calls through automated email service alerts direct from each networked goods where this is specifically authorised and facilitated by the Contracting Body. Receive telephone support for all goods and /or services Receive remote support via the network where this is specifically authorised and facilitated by the Contracting Body. Provide specialist IT telephone, remote access & field support where requested by the Contracting Body Extended service hours There will be Contracting Body requirements for extended service hours, be that for weekends, bank holidays, 7x24, 5x24 or other additional hours. These requirements will be agreed between the Contracting Body and the Supplier following the further competition stage and may be met at extra cost.
Up Time. The employee may take five (5) minutes at the end of the day to wash without loss of pay.
Up Time. An employee, whose regular duties are such that in the Council's opinion there is a clear-cut need for to before the end of regular work period, shall be allowed time totalling in all not less than ten (10) and not more than twenty (20) minutes each day. ARTICLE AND WEEKEND PREMIUMS If half or more of the hours worked during an employee's scheduled shift fall between and a.m., the employee shall be paid a shift premium of two dollars ($2.00) per hour for all hours worked between and The shift premium will not be paid for hours worked between a.m. and Employees shall receive a premium of two dollars ($2.00) per hour for work on a Saturday Sunday for regularly scheduled hours which are paid at the straight-time rate.
Up Time. 25.6 (a) An employee may election, with the consent of the employer, to work “make-up time”, under which the employee takes time off ordinary hours and works those hours at a later time, during the spread of ordinary hours provided in the Agreement, at the ordinary rate of pay.
Up Time. Where the Employer that due to the nature of work there is a clear cut need, wash-up up to a of ten (10) will be before the end of the working day.
Up Time. Where, due to the nature of work there is a need, wash up time will be permitted.