COMPONENT PARTS. This contract shall consist of the following documents, each of which is on file in the Office of the District and all of which are incorporated herein and made a part hereof by reference thereto.
COMPONENT PARTS. This Contract shall consist of the following documents: Contract Exhibit AScope of Work Exhibit BSpecial Terms and Conditions Exhibit CStandard Terms and Conditions
COMPONENT PARTS. This Contract shall consist of the following documents, each of which is on file with MST, and is incorporated into and made a part of this Contract by reference: Exhibit ARequest for Quotes #23-07 Exhibit # – Addenda Exhibit # – Contractor Proposal
COMPONENT PARTS. All terms and conditions expressed herein shall be applicable to the purchase of component parts and/or accessories (collectively “Component Parts”) except to the extent varied by this paragraph, and any additional or different terms contained in PPI’s Proposal, if any, submitted to Purchaser (which Proposal shall control over any conflicting terms).
COMPONENT PARTS. The Software Product is licensed for use as a single product, and the component parts of the Software Product may not be separated for use in any other application(s) or for use on more than one computer (except as otherwise expressly authorized by NovoDynamics in writing).
COMPONENT PARTS. S3D hereby agrees that all Products S3D purchases under this Agreement are component parts that must be incorporated into a S3D system product and must not be resold as stand-alone products. In the event that S3D sells any Product as a stand-alone product not incorporated into or as part of a sale of a S3D system, Overland reserves the right to re-invoice S3D for such Product, at Overland’s “Distributor” price in effect at the time of Overland’s shipment to S3D of such Product (less any amount already paid by S3D for such Product).
COMPONENT PARTS. Supplier is under no obligation to purchase Component Parts beyond the requirements of accepted Purchase Orders except with respect to Component Parts required to be purchased consistent with 6.4 above.
COMPONENT PARTS. Absent prior written approval from IMPACT, MEMBER shall not sell, distribute or redistribute any component parts of the Licensed Products. MEMBER’S sublicense is limited to complete accordion shutter systems comprising the Licensed Products.
COMPONENT PARTS. This Agreement shall consist of the following component parts: (1) this document, entitled Contract for Construction Services; (2) General Conditions of the Contract for Construction, form HUD-5370; (3) Change Orders issued by the Contracting Officer; (4) the Specifications; (5) the Drawings; and (6) the Scope of Work, certifications, HUD forms 5369 and 5369 A and amendments.
COMPONENT PARTS. All component parts used in the device shall be documented in specifications, which are controlled and maintained. All parts shall be inspected at incoming quality control, and vendor quality audits performed periodically. All vendors shall be qualified, and an approved vendor list established and maintained with a vendor rating system. All component part shall meet a minimal Quality level 2 as defined in TR-TSY-000357. Critical parts shall be qualified to applicable requirements of MIL-STD-883 Method 5005. Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors All aluminum electrolytic capacitors shall be protected with solvent proof end seals and have a minimum temperature rating of not less than 105 degrees C. Potentiometers All potentiometers, except voltage adjust, shall be factory sealed to prevent adjustments. Derating Guidelines Components shall be derated in accordance with Alcatel's derating guidelines as established be Alcatel specification 000-0000-000. Burn-in All deliverable devices shall be burned-in for no less than 48 hours, failure free, at plus fifty plus zero/minus three (+50 +0/-3) degrees C per GR-63-CORE. Devices supplied under this specification must meet the conducted and radiated requirements for a Class A device specified in subpart J, part 15 of FCC Rules and Regulations; CSA Standard C108.8-M1983 Revision 1/1/1988; and Canadian Radio Interference Regulation Amendment dated 9/15/88 CS-03. ALCATEL ENGINEERING APPROVAL Alcatel Engineering approval, through purchasing, is required prior to production and for any changes made to the device.