Accounting and Reporting Sample Clauses

Accounting and Reporting. I. The Agent shall establish separate accounts for the trust assets, the assets obtained as a result of managing and utilizing the trust assets, its own assets, and other trust assets.
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Accounting and Reporting. SECTION 7.1 LESSEE agrees to furnish to KCS audited copies of the financial reports of Watco Companies, Inc. or any company which directly or indirectly owns a majority interest in LESSEE audited by an independent accounting firm on an annual basis on or before May 1 of each year for the term of this lease. Copies of unaudited financial reports pertaining to LESSEE and the Leased Premises prepared in the normal course of LESSEE’s business shall be provided to Lessor on a quarterly basis. KCS shall take the same precautions to protect the confidentiality of non-public financial information provided under this Section that it uses to protect its own confidential non-public financial information.
Accounting and Reporting. 2 6. Claims ..................................................................3 7. Term of this Agreement and Recapture ....................................3 8. Policy Changes, Reductions, Terminations and Reinstatements .............4 9.
Accounting and Reporting. The District shall implement a method of accounting and reporting accumulated Paid Time Off for each employee.
Accounting and Reporting. 27 10.1 Fiscal Year................................. 27 10.2
Accounting and Reporting. Per city Code 8.045.18 Non-Profit shall provide City, semi-annual financial reports by August 1 and February 1, covering the six months ended June 30 and December 31, respectively, of each year. These reports shall provide a verified listing of the expenditures with adequate narrative, so the City can be satisfied as to the appropriateness of the expenditures. In addition a report of services performed shall be presented in a format acceptable to City, and will, at City's discretion, include a presentation at a meeting of the Budget Committee of the City. The Budget committee of the City shall review reports during the budget process and recommend to the City Council the continuance, discontinuance, or changes to a contract each year.
Accounting and Reporting a. Total Base Reinsurance Premiums are due on the last day of the Accounting Period.
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Accounting and Reporting. 20. The fiscal year of the Corporation shall coincide with that of the District. The Corporation shall develop its own accounting procedures and policies, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. The Corporation shall adhere to its financial standards in order to assure the fiscal viability of the Corporation. Such standards shall include proper provision for professional management, adequate working capital, and adequate reserve funds for current operations, capital replacements, contingencies and adequate provisions for new business requirements.
Accounting and Reporting. 6.1 Licensee shall submit to Licensor’s Representative an annual marketing plan in the format approved by Licensor’s Representative (the “Annual Marketing Plan”) within sixty (60) days of the execution of this Agreement and at least sixty (60) days before the start of each Contract Year thereafter.
Accounting and Reporting. 5.1.Issuer agrees to furnish Custodian with the income tax cost basis and dates of acquisition of all Securities held in Issuer’s Account to be carried on its records. If Issuer does not furnish such information, Custodian shall carry the Securities at any such nominal value it determines, such value to be for bookkeeping purposes only. All statements and reporting of any matters requiring this information will use this nominal value. Custodian shall have no duty to verify the accuracy of the tax cost basis or dates of acquisition furnished by Issuer.
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