Recipient agrees to Sample Clauses

Recipient agrees to. 1. Complete 9-15 credit hours in early childhood education during a 12 month period, one educational year.
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Recipient agrees to. 1. Complete 6-12 credit hours at a 4-year college in early childhood education or general education courses during 1 semester only.
Recipient agrees to a. Make payment promptly as due to all contractors, subcontractors, vendors or any other persons supplying labor, materials or services for the Project;
Recipient agrees to a. Use the De-Identified Health Information only for lawful purposes and in compliance with the terms of this Agreement.
Recipient agrees to. 1. Analyze the accuracy assessment data and compute a confusion matrix. The NPS standard for classification accuracy is 80%. In cases where the 80% standard is not met, the recipient will work with the park to make changes to the classification to improve accuracy or agree to accept a lower accuracy in order to maintain map detail.
Recipient agrees to. Conduct a literature search for all available data on the ≥ 45 petroglyph and pictograph sites located in the Dinosaur Quarry, Cub Creek, XxXxx Springs, and Echo Park areas of DINO, situated in Uintah County, Utah and Moffat County, Colorado. Site forms, survey reports, excavation reports and other site documentation are for the most part located at DINO Resources Office in Jensen, Utah. This information will support a narrative on the significance and potential significance of the aforementioned petroglyph and pictograph sites. Also prepare an annotated bibliography of all available field notes, reports, and documents relating to those sites. Relocate and document the previously documented petroglyph and pictograph sites on current Utah State archeological site forms and Colorado State archeological site forms to current standards. After review of the respective forms by the Utah SHPO and Colorado SHPO make any necessary changes so that the site forms are accepted by the respective SHPOs. Prepare a narrative report that examines the Dinosaur Quarry, Cub Creek, XxXxx Springs, and Echo Park petroglyph and pictograph sites. The narrative should put the sites into the context of both area and regional culture history. The narrative also needs to fully examine the significance of the sites for what they have yielded and can yield to our knowledge of area and regional culture history. Using National Register standards and in consultation with both the Utah and Colorado SHPOs complete a National Register nomination for an archeological district composed of four discontiguous areas within DINO—namely, Dinosaur Quarry, Cub Creek, XxXxx Springs, and Echo Park. The recipient will include appropriate maps and photographs as part of both site forms and a professional report. Maps are to include 24k images illustrating the boundaries of all inventoried areas and the locations of all identified pre-contact petroglyph and pictograph sites (n ≥ 45) with corresponding site boundaries. Site plan-view and profiles maps will be drawn to an appropriate scale determined for each documented site and will include all petroglyph/pictograph panels and individual glyphs/motifs/elements, a representation of local topography; a description of the rock surfaces on which the pictographs/petroglyphs occur; and modern impacts such as roads, trails, etc. Photographs are to include project and site overviews and petrogyph /pictographs close-up images.
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