Reporting and Monitoring Sample Clauses

Reporting and Monitoring. Please provide a brief description of the mechanisms proposed for this project for reporting to the UNDP and partners, including a reporting schedule.
Reporting and Monitoring. X. XXX, the ACHP, and the SHPO may monitor any undertakings carried out pursuant to this PA. The ACHP may review undertakings, if requested by XXX. DOE shall be entitled to address and make determinations on overall policy or administrative issues related to the implementation of these Programs.
Reporting and Monitoring. Please provide a brief description of the mechanisms proposed for this project for reporting to the UNDP and partners, including a reporting schedule. 2.7. Anti-Corruption Strategy: Define the anti-corruption strategy that will be applied in this project to prevent the misuse of funds. Describe the financial controls that will be put in place. 2.8. Partnerships: Explain any partnerships with local, international or other organizations that are planned for the implementation of the project. Special attention should be given to providing a clear picture of the role of each entity and how everyone will function as a team. Letters of commitment from partners and an indication of whether some or all have successfully worked together on other previous projects is encouraged. 2.9
Reporting and Monitoring. A. The Compliance Officer shall monitor the personal trading activity of all Access Persons pursuant to the procedures established under this Code. The forms (Form A-E) attached hereto are designed to achieve this purpose.
Reporting and Monitoring. Vendor will report directly to for the Coalition and to any other party designated by in connection with the performance of the duties under this Agreement and shall fulfill any other duties reasonably requested by the Coalition and agreed to by the Vendor. If required by the Coalition, the Vendor’s log, time sheet, progress report, and/or other recording document shall contain, at the least, the following information:
Reporting and Monitoring. A. Not later than thirty (30) days after the end of each reporting period, the Subcontractor shall submit a performance report to the H-GAC. Reporting periods vary by project duration and are defined as follows:
Reporting and Monitoring. Finisar agrees to the following reporting and monitoring provisions, and failure to fully and timely comply with any one requirement shall constitute an event of default:
Reporting and Monitoring. 5.3.1 Mintek has implemented a Fraud Hotline, which is controlled by an independent service provider and is intended to achieve the following:
Reporting and Monitoring. 38. Unless otherwise provided, all payments, notices, reports or other such documents required by this Agreement shall be submitted to the United States at the following address: Office of the United States Attorney 0000 Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx 00xx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxx 00000 Attn: Xxxxxx Xxxxx
Reporting and Monitoring. Resident acknowledges, agrees and consents to screening and/or testing for Illness as may be required by the Health and Safety Guidelines, and further agrees to provide results to College or public health authorities if requested. Further, Resident agrees to self-report to College if showing symptoms of Illness or receiving a diagnosis of Illness or any known exposure to a person diagnosed with Illness or displaying symptoms of Illness in order to keep other students, residents, faculty, and staff safe. Finally, Resident shall cooperate fully with any contact tracing or other similar efforts that may be required by the circumstances.