Application Form definition

Application Form means any application form to be completed by subscribers for Shares as prescribed by the Company from time to time.
Application Form means, as the context may permit or require, the Credit Loan Application Form submitted by the Borrower, as the context may permit or require, to ABFL for applying for and availing of the Loan, together with annexures and addenda and all other information, particulars, clarifications, letters and undertakings and declarations, if any, furnished by the Borrower/s or any other persons from time to time in connection with the Loan.
Application Form. : means the Annual Kick-out Plan UK application for subscription to invest in the Plan.

Examples of Application Form in a sentence

  • I understand that I may be required to submit documentary evidence in support of any particulars given by me on my Application Form.

  • SEBI has introduced a common KYC Application Form for all the SEBI registered intermediaries viz.

  • Individual ARN holders including senior citizens distributing mutual fund products are also required to obtain and quote EUIN in the Application Form.

  • Notices given under this Agreement must be in writing and given to the addresses set out in the Application Form.

  • New Investors are therefore requested to use the common KYC Application Form and carry out the KYC process including In-Person Verification (IPV) with any SEBI registered intermediaries including mutual funds.

More Definitions of Application Form

Application Form means the form whether electronic submitted via the Exhibitor Online Platform or submitted in hard copy by which the Exhibitor applies to exhibit at the Exhibition.
Application Form means the F2 application form to be used when applying for WRAS Approval and which can be found on the WRAS website;
Application Form means that certain Part C of the RFA, completed and executed by the Applicant, to which this Appendix 1 is appended.
Application Form means a form meant to be used by an Investor to open a folio and/or Purchase Units in the Scheme. The Application Form would include forms such as the common Application Form, SIP auto debit form, nomination form, and any other form for Purchase of Units as required.
Application Form means the form(s) (in paper or electronic form) which you complete to open an Account and to trade with us under this Agreement.
Application Form means the application form overleaf.
Application Form means prescribed form filled up online by the Candidate for admission;