Application Form definition

Application Form means any application form to be completed by subscribers for Shares as prescribed by the Company from time to time.
Application Form means that certain Part C of the RFA, completed and executed by the Applicant, to which this Appendix 1 is appended.
Application Form means the standard enrolment application form.

Examples of Application Form in a sentence

To be included in this category, a completed supplementary information form (“SIF”) certified by a representative of the parent’s temple must be submitted to the School by the closing date for applications, in addition to the Common Application Form submitted to the Local Authority.

This Applicant would be deemed to have signed on behalf of joint holders and would be required to give confirmation to this effect in the Application Form.

Mechanism for Redressal of Investor Grievances: All grievances relating to the ASBA facility may be addressed to the respective SCSBs, giving full details such as name, address of the applicant, number of Units applied for, counterfoil or the application reference given by the SCSBs, DBs or CBs, amount paid on application and the Designated Branch or the collection centre of the SCSB where the Application Form was submitted by the ASBA Investor.

If the person does not have a GIRO account with IPOS, please complete the GIRO Application Form and submit it to IPOS.

The completed eTrademarks Account Holder Registration Form and GIRO Application Form should be mailed or couriered to the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore with the address 51 Bras Basah Road #04- 01 Plaza By The Park Singapore 189554 and attentioned to Mrs Ang-Ong Bee Lian.

More Definitions of Application Form

Application Form means an application form We provide or make accessible to You in which You apply to Us for any Service (including a supplemental application form).
Application Form means the standard enrolment form which forms the cover page of Agreement.
Application Form means the application form overleaf.
Application Form means the form whether electronic submitted via the Exhibitor Online Platform or submitted in hard copy by which the Exhibitor applies to exhibit at the Exhibition.
Application Form means the application form to be used in connection with the
Application Form means the form(s) (in paper or electronic form) which you complete to open an Account and to trade with us under this Agreement.
Application Form means the Application Form to which these Conditions are attached setting out the details of the package or such other document setting out the details of the Package as ABHI shall choose in its absolute discretion to accept. Application means an application made by the Exhibitor by means of the Application Form.