Medical Fees Sample Clauses

Medical Fees. Provided an employee has worked for the Employer for at least twelve (12) months, the Employer shall pay the full cost of any medical exam required for the five (5) year renewal required by the Employer, by law or by a regulatory body, of a driver’s license for any employee required, as part of her/his job, to drive for the Employer.
Medical Fees. For purposes of establishing budgetary assumptions for the Sites, P.C., after providing Manager with sixty (60) days prior notice and prior consultation with Manager, shall:
Medical Fees. The following financial terms are effective for the period January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2025, unless otherwise specified. The Medical Fees (“Fees") described below, excluding optional and non-standard fees, are adjusted as set forth in the applicable performance standard(s). The Fees listed below are based upon an estimated minimum of 1,545 enrolled Employees in year 2023. $51.79 per Employee per month covered under the Choice Plus and Choice HSA portion of the Plans.

Related to Medical Fees

  • MEDICAL EXPENSES 1. Employees exposed to hazardous physical, biological, or chemical agents shall be provided, at no cost to the employee, with medical examinations or evaluations required by VOSHA regulations. If there are no specific VOSHA regulations or standards for the agent in question, recommendations of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health or other generally recognized expert organization shall be used, as determined by the Commissioner of Health.

  • Professional Fees Borrower promises to pay Lender’s fees and expenses necessary to finalize the loan documentation, including but not limited to reasonable attorneys fees, UCC searches, filing costs, and other miscellaneous expenses. In addition, Borrower promises to pay any and all reasonable attorneys’ and other professionals’ fees and expenses (including fees and expenses of in-house counsel) incurred by Lender after the Closing Date in connection with or related to: (a) the Loan; (b) the administration, collection, or enforcement of the Loan; (c) the amendment or modification of the Loan Documents; (d) any waiver, consent, release, or termination under the Loan Documents; (e) the protection, preservation, sale, lease, liquidation, or disposition of Collateral or the exercise of remedies with respect to the Collateral; (f) any legal, litigation, administrative, arbitration, or out of court proceeding in connection with or related to Borrower or the Collateral, and any appeal or review thereof; and (g) any bankruptcy, restructuring, reorganization, assignment for the benefit of creditors, workout, foreclosure, or other action related to Borrower, the Collateral, the Loan Documents, including representing Lender in any adversary proceeding or contested matter commenced or continued by or on behalf of Borrower’s estate, and any appeal or review thereof.

  • Compensation and Expense Reimbursement A. Client will pay the Company, as compensation for the services provided for in this Agreement and as reimbursement for expenses incurred by Company on Client's behalf, in the manner set forth in Schedule A annexed to this Agreement which Schedule is incorporated herein by reference.

  • Education Reimbursement Effective date of ratification Employees shall on the prior approval of the Director of Nursing and after successful completion of the course be entitled to receive reimbursement for employment related textbooks and / or course costs annually on presentation of receipt(s) for payment by the Director of Nursing or designate as follows: Full-time employees Up to $100.00 Part-time employees Up to $50.00 Such payments shall be tax free if allowed by law.

  • Medical Services Plan 10.1.1 Regular Full-Time and Temporary Full-Time Employees shall be entitled to be covered under the Medical Services Plan commencing the first day of the calendar month following the date of employment.

  • Travel Expense Reimbursement Pricing for services provided under this Contract are exclusive of any travel expenses that may be incurred in the performance of those services. Travel expense reimbursement may include personal vehicle mileage or commercial coach transportation, hotel accommodations, parking and meals; provided, however, the amount of reimbursement by Customers shall not exceed the amounts authorized for state employees as adopted by each Customer; and provided, further, that all reimbursement rates shall not exceed the maximum rates established for state employees under the current State Travel Management Program (xxxx://xxx.xxxxxx.xxxxx.xx.xx/procurement/prog/stmp/). Travel time may not be included as part of the amounts payable by Customer for any services rendered under this Contract. The DIR administrative fee specified in Section 5 below is not applicable to travel expense reimbursement. Anticipated travel expenses must be pre-approved in writing by Customer.

  • Medical Services Medical and health care services provided to a Patient, including, but not limited to, medical and health care services provided to a Patient and performed by Borrower which are covered by a policy of insurance issued by an Insurer, and includes physician services, nurse and therapist services, dental services, hospital services, skilled nursing facility services, comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation services, home health care services, residential and out-patient behavioral healthcare services, and medicine or health care equipment provided by Borrower to a Patient for a necessary or specifically requested valid and proper medical or health purpose.

  • EDUCATIONAL REIMBURSEMENT SECTION 1. The purpose of this Article is to xxxxxx a learning environment and provide educational opportunities that are mutually beneficial to the employees and the County and will encourage eligible employees to participate in education programs which will further their skills and knowledge for use in their current position or for use in a possible future position of greater responsibility. The Educational Reimbursement Program shall be a plan as provided for in Section 127 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”) and shall be construed consistently with the requirements of Section 127. Amounts paid for tuition reimbursement meeting the requirements of Section 127 of the IRS Tax Code are not included in an Employee’s income or subject to income tax withholding up to a maximum of $5,250 annually. If subsequent tax law changes fail to continue the tax-free treatment, or in any way modify its treatment, appropriate adjustments in tax withholding will be made from the effective date of the change. This Article does not apply to training seminars, conferences, workshops, etc.

  • Child Care Expenses (a) Where an employee is requested or required by the Employer to attend:

  • Reimbursement of Travel Expenses If the Servicer provides access to the Review Materials at one of its properties, the Issuer will reimburse the Asset Representations Reviewer for its reasonable travel expenses incurred in connection with the Review on receipt of a detailed invoice.