Medical Fees Sample Clauses

Medical Fees. For purposes of establishing budgetary assumptions for the Sites, P.C., after consultation with Manager, shall:
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Medical Fees. The following financial terms are effective for the period January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2025, unless otherwise specified. The Medical Fees (“Fees") described below, excluding optional and non-standard fees, are adjusted as set forth in the applicable performance standard(s). The Fees listed below are based upon an estimated minimum of 1,545 enrolled Employees in year 2023. $51.79 per Employee per month covered under the Choice Plus and Choice HSA portion of the Plans.
Medical Fees. The Medical Officer must:
Medical Fees. Provided an employee has worked for the Employer for at least twelve (12) months, the Employer shall pay the full cost of any medical exam required for the five (5) year renewal required by the Employer, by law or by a regulatory body, of a driver’s license for any employee required, as part of her/his job, to drive for the Employer.
Medical Fees. The Company will reimburse an employee for the costs incurred to obtain a medical certificate as required under the Weekly Indemnity or Long Term Disability Plan. Payment will be made upon presentation of a receipt issued by the treating physician (excluding Company physician) up to a maximum of fifty dollars ($50.00) effective date of ratification.
Medical Fees. The Company shall reimburse an employee against receipt, one hundred percent (100%) of the cost of a required Ministry of Transport Medical to a maximum of one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00) as required by the MTO. Hydro Allowance Power cords are signed out annually as required. Hydro Allowance will be paid only upon request by the branch to plug in a specific vehicle as verified by signing out a power cord. Twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per month. Drivers who park their bus at home and who are required to plug in must complete and submit a signed form. Payment is made upon return of power extension cords i.e. returned before end of March, payment made at end of March; if returned in April, payment will be made at the end of April. The Company will cease the practice of prorating and will pay the entire month when drivers are instructed to plug in their vehicle. Twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per month will be paid. Charter Meal Allowance Breakfast $11.50 Lunch $13.50 Dinner $20.00 • In the event an employee is required to remain overnight on a Charter, the Company will pay the cost of hotel accommodations. Employees will receive the above allowance for any meals as per first day after eight (8) hours (to include dinner day 1), and for remainder of stay. Mileage Company Policy (minimum) Fifty cents ($0.50) per kilometre. • An employee will be paid for all mileage when they have to use their personal vehicle in the course of their assigned duties, save and except for travel to or from their home and the Company’s office yard or where the employee parks their assigned bus. Upon Ratification if any individual routes or any individual hourly rate received is above any of these identified amounts, the driver and the route shall maintain such rate until the Schedule “A” rate surpass their current rate. If negotiations for renewal of this Agreement should extend beyond the expiry date, it is agreed that the negotiated wages of the Agreement will be retroactive to the termination date of the previous Agreement, regardless of the date the Agreement is executed. First Student ensures that no rate in this collective agreement could be below any minimum rate that is established by any of the school boards or consortiums for which First Student is under contract for in this service area. For clarity purposes, rates directed by Xxxxxxxxx will be given to Francobus drivers only while rates directed by STSCO will be given to STSCO drivers only. LETTERS OF UNDERSTANDING
Medical Fees. By enrolling the Camper in For Kids Only Day Camp, Parents hereby agree to be fully and solely responsible for all fees and costs arising from any medical conditions or treatments for the Camper’s participation in For Kids Only Day Camp, including, but not limited to, the administration of emergency medical care.
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  • Professional Fees Borrower promises to pay Lender’s fees and expenses necessary to finalize the loan documentation, including but not limited to reasonable attorneys fees, UCC searches, filing costs, and other miscellaneous expenses. In addition, Borrower promises to pay any and all reasonable attorneys’ and other professionals’ fees and expenses (including fees and expenses of in-house counsel) incurred by Lender after the Closing Date in connection with or related to: (a) the Loan; (b) the administration, collection, or enforcement of the Loan; (c) the amendment or modification of the Loan Documents; (d) any waiver, consent, release, or termination under the Loan Documents; (e) the protection, preservation, sale, lease, liquidation, or disposition of Collateral or the exercise of remedies with respect to the Collateral; (f) any legal, litigation, administrative, arbitration, or out of court proceeding in connection with or related to Borrower or the Collateral, and any appeal or review thereof; and (g) any bankruptcy, restructuring, reorganization, assignment for the benefit of creditors, workout, foreclosure, or other action related to Borrower, the Collateral, the Loan Documents, including representing Lender in any adversary proceeding or contested matter commenced or continued by or on behalf of Borrower’s estate, and any appeal or review thereof.

  • Professional Fees and Costs If either Landlord or Tenant should bring suit against the other with respect to this Lease, then all costs and expenses, including without limitation, actual professional fees and costs such as appraisers', accountants' and attorneys' fees and costs, incurred by the party which prevails in such action, whether by final judgment or out of court settlement, shall be paid by the other party, which obligation on the part of the other party shall be deemed to have accrued on the date of the commencement of such action and shall be enforceable whether or not the action is prosecuted to judgment. As used herein, attorneys' fees and costs shall include, without limitation, attorneys' fees, costs and expenses incurred in connection with any (i) postjudgment motions; (ii) contempt proceedings; (iii) garnishment, levy, and debtor and third party examination; (iv) discovery; and (v) bankruptcy litigation.

  • Compensation and Expense Reimbursement A. Client will pay the Company, as compensation for the services provided for in this Agreement and as reimbursement for expenses incurred by Company on Client's behalf, in the manner set forth in Schedule A annexed to this Agreement which Schedule is incorporated herein by reference.

  • Reimbursement of Travel Expenses If the Servicer provides access to the Review Materials at one of its properties, the Issuer will reimburse the Asset Representations Reviewer for its reasonable travel expenses incurred in connection with the Review on receipt of a detailed invoice.

  • Compensation and Fees (a) As Dealer-Manager you shall receive from the Managing General Partner the following compensation, based on each Unit sold to investors in a Partnership whose subscriptions for Units are accepted by the Managing General Partner:

  • Compensation; Reimbursement At the closing of each Offering (each, a “Closing”), the Company shall compensate Xxxxxxxxxx as follows:

  • Reimbursement Payments The Department shall, to the extent funds are available, reimburse the Grantee for eligible claims presented for payment if the Department determines the requirements for reimbursement have been met. Claims under this Contract can only be made for the period this Contract is in effect. Reimbursement programs include the following:

  • Compensation and Reimbursement The Company agrees:

  • Expense Reimbursements To the extent that any reimbursements payable pursuant to this Agreement are subject to the provisions of Section 409A of the Code, any such reimbursements payable to Executive pursuant to this Agreement shall be paid to Executive no later than December 31 of the year following the year in which the expense was incurred, the amount of expenses reimbursed in one year shall not affect the amount eligible for reimbursement in any subsequent year, and Executive’s right to reimbursement under this Agreement will not be subject to liquidation or exchange for another benefit.

  • Travel Expenses CONTRACTOR shall not be allowed or paid travel expenses unless set forth in this Agreement.

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