Medical Certificate Sample Clauses

Medical Certificate. Absent from Work (first date of absence)  Not absent from work but requires accommodations Part 1 – Employee - please complete following: (Employee Name) The information supplied will be used in a confidential manner and may assist in creating a return to work plan. I hereby consent to the completion of this form by: (Treating Medical Practitioner’s Name) (Signature of Employee) (Date)
Medical Certificate. An acceptable medical certificate, which shall be on the form prescribed by the Commissioner of Administrative Services or a form signed by a licensed physician or other practitioner whose method of healing is recognized by the State providing the same basic information, may be required of an employee by his/her appointing authority to substantiate a request for sick leave for the following reasons:
Medical Certificate. The School District may require an employee to furnish a medical certificate from a qualified physician as evidence of illness and/or disability pursuant to this section, indicating such absence was due to illness and/or disability, in order to qualify for sick leave pay. However, the final determination as to the eligibility of an employee for sick leave is reserved to the School District. In the event that a medical certificate will be required, the employee will be so advised.
Medical Certificate. Normally a medical certificate will not be requested for absence due to sickness; however, the Employer reserves the right to request a medical certificate. A request for a medical certificate will be made during the period of sickness or, if there are repeated absences, prior to the next absence. A reasonable amount of time will be allowed for the employee to comply with the request. Employees shall request that the medical certificate state the dates on which the employee was unable to attend work, the pertinent details relating to the sickness or injury and additionally, in the case of an absence for a lengthy duration, a prognosis as to the expected date of return to work. Where the Employer is not satisfied with the information contained in the medical certificate provided by the employee, the Employer may require that the employee request additional information on a form provided by the Employer.
Medical Certificate. The employer shall provide sick pay from the seventh calendar day after the day the notice of illness is given only if the salaried employee proves the reduction in working capacity and the duration of the illness period by a medical certificate (Section 8, para. 2 of the Act on Sick Pay). If the employer so requests, the salaried employee shall provide such a medical certificate from an earlier day. The employer has the right to appoint the physician.
Medical Certificate. If the Employer requires a sick leave certificate and the Doctor charges the employee for such certificate outside OHIP, the Employer will pay for the certificate.
Medical Certificate. The school district may require a teacher to furnish a medical certificate from a licensed physician as evidence of illness, indicating such absence was due to illness, in order to qualify for sick leave pay. In the event that a medical certificate will be required, the teacher will be so advised.
Medical Certificate. The applicant must meet the relevant EU medical requirements as stipulated in Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 for the privileges sought by the applicant and obtain a European medical certificate. The medical certificate must be at least class 2 including the provisions for an instrument rating and appropriate to the license and other ratings to be requested.
Medical Certificate. In the event of frequent absences or of an absence of more than four (4) days, a certificate from a licensed medical practitioner which provides satisfactory medical evidence will be required for DHR records and to maintain sick leave coverage, if applicable. In an absence of more than two (2) weeks, subsequent doctor’s certificates will be required at least once a month in order that an application for benefits under the Long Term Disability Plan can be initiated. Subject to Provincial legislation or regulation, these certificates will be at the expense of the employee.
Medical Certificate. The applicant must fulfill the requirement in paragraph 2.2.1 above.