Medical Certificate Sample Clauses

Medical Certificate. Absent from Work (first date of absence)  Not absent from work but requires accommodations Part 1 – Employee - please complete following: (Employee Name) The information supplied will be used in a confidential manner and may assist in creating a return to work plan. I hereby consent to the completion of this form by: (Treating Medical Practitioner’s Name) (Signature of Employee) (Date)
Medical Certificate. The School District may require an employee to furnish a medical certificate from a qualified physician as evidence of illness and/or disability pursuant to this section, indicating such absence was due to illness and/or disability, in order to qualify for sick leave pay. However, the final determination as to the eligibility of an employee for sick leave is reserved to the School District. In the event that a medical certificate will be required, the employee will be so advised.
Medical Certificate. An acceptable medical certificate, which shall be on the form prescribed by the Commissioner of Administrative Services or a form signed by a licensed physician or other practitioner whose method of healing is recognized by the State providing the same basic information, may be required of an employee by his/her appointing authority to substantiate a request for sick leave for the following reasons:
Medical Certificate. Normally a medical certificate will not be requested for absence due to illness or injury; however, the Employer reserves the right to request a medical certificate. A request for a medical certificate will be made during the period of illness or injury or, if there are repeated absences, prior to the next absence. A reasonable amount of time will be allowed for the employee to comply with the request. Employees shall request that the medical certificate state the dates on which the employee was unable to attend work and the pertinent details relating to the illness or injury.
Medical Certificate. (a) An Employee may be required by the Employer to produce a certificate from a legally qualified medical practitioner for any period of absence for which sick leave is claimed by an Employee and if a certificate is not produced after such a request, the time absent from work will be deducted from the Employee’s pay. Where the Employer has reason to believe an Employee is misusing sick leave privileges, the Employer may issue to the Employee a standing directive that requires the Employee to submit a medical certificate for any period of absence for which sick leave is claimed.
Medical Certificate. If the Employee’s absence exceeds three business days, the Employee shall, as soon as practicable furnish a medical certificate. However, the Company reserves the right to demand for a medical certificate in case of any absence, irrespective of the length of the absence. The Company is entitled to ask the Employee to consult a medical examiner at the Company’s expense.
Medical Certificate. Each full-time faculty member shall, prior to employment, furnish the College with a medical certificate of ability to perform the essential functions of the position. The form shall be provided by the College, the physician selected by the College, and the fee paid by the College.
Medical Certificate. Where absence on sick leave, whether with or without pay, extends beyond 5 consecutive working days, whether or not interrupted by off duty days or weekends, employees must, if requested, produce to their manager a medical certificate stating the probable period of absence. The employer may require proof of sickness or injury within 5 consecutive working days if the employer: