Reimbursement Payments Sample Clauses

Reimbursement Payments. The following rules shall apply to payments of any amounts under this Agreement that are treated as “reimbursement payments” under Section 409A, including, but not limited to, any payments provided under Section 4.3: (i) the amount of expenses eligible for reimbursement in one calendar year shall not limit the available reimbursements for any other calendar year; (ii) Executive shall file a claim for all reimbursement payments not later than thirty (30) days following the end of the calendar year during which the expenses were incurred, (iii) the Company shall make such reimbursement payments within thirty (30) days following the date Executive delivers written notice of the expenses to the Company; and (iv) Executive’s right to such reimbursement payments shall not be subject to liquidation or exchange for any other payment or benefit.
Reimbursement Payments. The Department shall, to the extent funds are available, reimburse the Grantee for eligible claims presented for payment if the Department determines the requirements for reimbursement have been met. Claims under this Contract can only be made for the period this Contract is in effect. Reimbursement programs include the following:
Reimbursement Payments. All payments made to an Issuing Lender to reimburse such Issuing Lender for any drawing under a Letter of Credit issued by such Issuing Lender from (x) the Borrower, shall be made in the applicable Foreign Currency of the relevant Letter of Credit with respect to which the drawing was made or (y) the Lenders, shall be made in Dollars (based upon the Dollar Amount of the applicable payment); provided that in each case the Borrower shall be liable for any currency exchange loss related to such payments and, absent demonstrable error, shall promptly pay the applicable Issuing Lender, upon receipt of notice thereof, the amount of any such loss.
Reimbursement Payments. The Secretary agrees to make partial payments to the City for amounts not less than $1,000 and no more frequently than monthly. Such payments will be made after receipt of proper billing and approval by a licensed professional engineer employed by the City that the Project is being constructed within substantial compliance of the Design Plans.
Reimbursement Payments. The Authority shall make reimbursement payments to the Sponsor or implementing party designated pursuant to Paragraph 1.14 for eligible project costs within 45 days of receipt of an invoice as specified in the Attachments to this Agreement, except where payment is subject to provisions of Paragraphs 2.1.a through 2.1.b.4.
Reimbursement Payments. Subject to Article 2 and to the other provisions of this Agreement, Allergan agrees to pay to AbbVie, if any AbbVie Payment Event occurs, an amount equal to all documented, specific, quantifiable third party costs and expenses incurred, directly or indirectly, by AbbVie and/or its Subsidiaries, or on their behalf, for the purposes of, in preparation for, or in connection with the Acquisition, including third party costs and expenses incurred in connection with exploratory work carried out in contemplation of and in connection with the Acquisition, legal, financial and commercial due diligence, the arrangement of financing and the engagement of third party Representatives to assist in the process (the payments provided for in this Section 3.1, the “AbbVie Reimbursement Payments”); provided, that the aggregate gross amount payable to AbbVie pursuant to this Agreement shall not, in any event, exceed an amount equal to one percent (1%) of the aggregate value of the total Scheme Consideration payable with respect to the Allergan Shares in connection with the Acquisition (excluding, for clarity, any interest in such share capital of Allergan held by AbbVie or any Concert Parties of AbbVie) as ascribed by the terms of the Acquisition as set out in the Rule 2.5 Announcement (the “Cap”). The amount payable by Allergan to AbbVie under this Section 3.1 will exclude any amounts in respect of VAT incurred by AbbVie attributable to such third party costs other than Irrecoverable VAT incurred by AbbVie.
Reimbursement Payments. Reimbursement to be made to Trubion by Wyeth pursuant to Section 3.6.1 will be made pursuant to invoices submitted by Trubion to Wyeth no more often than once with respect to any Calendar Quarter, within thirty (30) days of the end of such Calendar Quarter. Payment shall be due within forty-five (45) days after Wyeth receives such an invoice from Trubion. Each invoice must be accompanied by supporting documentation sufficiently demonstrating the expense so paid on a cash basis (such as receipts for out-of-pocket expenses and other written documentation reasonably acceptable to Wyeth) and by a certificate executed by Trubion's VP, Finance & Administration, of the number of FTEs used by Trubion in such Calendar Quarter in performing Trubion's obligations under the Research Program. Except as approved in writing in advance by Wyeth, Wyeth shall not be obligated to reimburse Trubion for amounts in excess of the applicable budgeted amounts in the Research Budget.
Reimbursement Payments. Subject to Article 2 and to the other provisions of this Agreement:
Reimbursement Payments. (i) To induce the Lender to issue and maintain Letters of Credit, Borrower agrees to pay or reimburse Lender (i) within one (1) Business Day after Borrower receives notice from Lender that any draft or draw request has been properly presented under any Letter of Credit, or, if the draft of draw request is for payment at a future date, within one (1) Business Day before the payment date specified in the draw request, the amount paid or to be paid by the Lender and (ii) promptly, upon demand, the amount of any additional fees Lender customarily charges for confirming, negotiating or amending letter of credit agreements, for honoring drafts and draw requests, and taking similar action in connection with letters of credit. If Borrower does not timely pay or reimburse Lender for any drafts or draw requests paid or to be paid, Lender shall fund the Borrower’s reimbursement obligations under the Revolving Credit Facility and the proceeds of the Revolving Credit Loan shall be retained by Lender to pay Borrower’s unpaid reimbursement obligations. If a sufficient Revolving Credit Loan is available under the Revolving Credit Facility, failure of the Borrower to timely reimburse the Lender for any drafts or draw requests paid or to be paid shall not in and of itself constitute an Event of Default. If a Revolving Credit Loan is not available under the Revolving Credit Facility to fund the reimbursement obligations, then Borrower’s failure to timely reimburse the Lender for any drafts or draw requests paid or to be paid shall constitute an Event of Default and the reimbursement obligation shall constitute a demand obligation for which demand has been made. Borrower’s reimbursement obligations shall accrue interest at the Default Rate applicable to Revolving Credit Loans that are Prime Rate Loans, from the date the Lender pays the applicable draft or draw request through the date the Lender is paid or reimbursed by Borrower, whether by a Revolving Credit Loan or otherwise. Borrower’s obligations under this Section 2.5(d)(i) are absolute and unconditional under any and all circumstances and irrespective of any setoff, counterclaim or defense to payment that Borrower may have at any time against the Lender or any other Person.
Reimbursement Payments. The Secretary will make such payment to the City as soon as reasonably possible after construction of the Project is completed, after receipt of proper billing, and attestation by a licensed professional engineer employed by the City that the Project was constructed within substantial compliance of the final design plans and specifications.