Medical Exam Sample Clauses

Medical Exam. All medical examinations and tests required by the District that are related to employment or the return to employment shall be paid for by the District.
Medical Exam. During each year of the Term of Employment, Executive shall obtain a physical examination at the expense of the Companies and cause the examining physician to provide a detailed written report of such examination, which report Executive shall provide to the Board not later than March 31 of each year.
Medical Exam. The Employer reserves the right to require a medical examination at the expense of the Employer.
Medical Exam. The cost of a yearly medical examination, to the extent not covered by insurance, shall be paid by the Board. PROFESSIONAL GROWTH: The Board shall reimburse the Superintendent for all reasonable expenses incurred for successful completion of all university course work required for continued certification or an advanced degree. The course work must be approved in advance by the Board. Reimbursement per credit hour shall not exceed the average cost of a graduate credit hour for in-state tuition for the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and Western Michigan University.
Medical Exam a. Cost for annual medical examinations may be allowed as direct costs for only those key personnel assigned to the Program Management Office. If personnel are dedicated as full-time employees for this contract, the medical examinations costs will be reimbursed in full. If the employees are employed on a part-time basis for this contract, the allowed costs will be appropriately allocated.
Medical Exam. The Corporation will pay for an annual comprehensive medical exam (and appropriate diagnostics) for the Executive.
Medical Exam. If, in the opinion of the County, a medical examination is required to assure the County that an employee is able to continue his/her present assignment, it may be so directed; in which case the County will bear the costs of said medical examination if not covered by the employee's health insurance. If the employee does not satisfactorily meet the medical requirements for his/her position, the Association will be so notified and he/she may be reassigned or terminated.