Next school year definition

Next school year means the school year that begins on or after the July 1 immediately following the end of a general session of the Legislature.
Next school year means the school year immediately following the current contract year. "Principal" means a person (i) who is regularly employed full time as a principal or assistant

Examples of Next school year in a sentence

Next school year will probably be the best time to reorganize the school and make the transition to a day school.” On 1 September 1936 “a new era” began “when four Sisters Arrived to take up where the Ursuline Sisters left off.

Next school year, Scott’s Branch High School will become a New Tech Network Science, Technology, En- gineering and Math (STEM) school, one of only two schools in the state to institute this project-based curriculum.Dr. Wilder’s motto is ‘‘every child, every chance, every day,’’ and that is clearly re- flected in the school district’s philosophy and achievements.Her other achievements include serving on the transition team for State Superintendent of Education Jim Rex in 2006.

Next school year, CFNs should provide support and guidance on SIFE to the schools.61 But, as with other trainings to develop a plan to serve SIFE, identify SIFE, and implement the ALLD, the onus is still on each individual school to seek out knowledge about SIFE and design programming to meet the needs of SIFE.

Next school year a full- time clinic will open in McCracken County High School, hopefully followed by a clinic at McNabb Ele- mentary.

Keep the Bobcat spirit going loud and proud! Next school year you will be having an election for Student Council president.