Next school year definition

Next school year means the school year that begins on or after the July 1 immediately following the end of a general session of the Legislature.
Next school year means the school year immediately following the current contract year.
Next school year means the school year immediately following the current contract year. "Principal" means a person (i) who is regularly employed full time as a principal or assistant

Examples of Next school year in a sentence

  • NOTE: Use a paper copy of the Enrollment card for all students you pre-enroll for the Next school year.

  • Next school year 20-21, the server will be hosted in the Cloud by Infinite Campus.

  • Security and usability are the most important factors that can affect the adoption of the online banking services anywhere.All banks in Saudi Arabia are using online banking; providing their customers with the ability to access their bank accounts and make transactions anytime and anywhere.

  • There is, therefore, no subsequent process by which they obtain that nationality.

  • Next school year we will bring online Seattle Indian Health Board which was recently awarded Levy funds for Native American students.S. Everlove asked if the data will be disaggregated as we begin incorporating pre-school teachers into professional development.

  • Next school year, Oakham Center School will include K to Grade 5 students from both New Braintree and Oakham with an approximate enrollment of 170 students.

  • Next school year, DCPS will continue to use the cohort model, and will offer sessions dedicated to social and emotional learning and instructional practice within the disciplinary context, and also professional development will include choice sessions led by teachers, external partners, and curriculum providers.

  • Required at each location are dual relief valves, dual rupture discs complete with gauges and a 3-way shut-off valve, such that only one rupture disc/relief valve set can be rendered inoperative at a time.

  • In Appendix – 3B: Sale Price structure for domestic sales, SAPPI has claimed deductions towards discounts, rebates, commission, freight and insurance from the domestic sales.

  • Next school year, we will study various genres of World Literature through the lens of “heroes and villains.” How does this theme manifest in the novels you’ve read?● Unfamiliar words and their definitions● No Sparknotes, Shmoop, Litcharts, etc! Notes that contain obvious borrowing (direct quotes and paraphrases) from these sources will be considered plagiarism.

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  • School year means the period beginning July 1 and ending June 30 next following.

  • Service Year means fiscal year, except that:

  • School fiscal year means a fiscal year that commences July 1 and continues through June 30.

  • Sales Year means the calendar year during which the Company sold Cigarettes in a Beneficiary State requiring the deposit of QEF Principal.

  • Program Year means the annual period beginning January 1 and ending December 31.

  • Current year means the financial year, which has already commenced, but not yet ended;

  • Calendar Quarter means the respective periods of three (3) consecutive calendar months ending on March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31.

  • relevant year means a year commencing at 00:00 hours on 1 April and ending at 23:59 hours on the following 31 March;

  • Annual Period means each twelve (12) month period commencing on the Effective Date and, thereafter, on each anniversary of the Effective Date.

  • relevant year t means the Financial Year for the purposes of which any calculation falls to be made; "Relevant Year t-1" means the Financial Year preceding Relevant Year t, and similar expressions shall be construed accordingly;

  • Income year means any year or accounting period beginning 1 July of one calendar year and ending 30 June of the following calendar year or any other period that the Trustees by resolution adopt;

  • Year means a calendar year.

  • Prior Year means the year commencing 1 April immediately prior to the relevant Charging Year;

  • Calendar Year means each successive period of twelve (12) months commencing on January 1 and ending on December 31.

  • School day means any day, including a partial day, that students are in attendance at school for instructional purposes.

  • Licence Year means a period of 12 (twelve) calendar months commencing on theValidity Date or any anniversary of the Validity Date during the subsistence of the Agreement.

  • Reporting Period shall begin on the first day of each calendar quarter and end on the last day of such calendar quarter.

  • Model Year means the CI engine manufacturer’s annual production period, which includes January 1st of a calendar year, or if the manufacturer has no annual production period, the calendar year.

  • Quarter means, unless the context requires otherwise, a fiscal quarter of the Partnership, or, with respect to the fiscal quarter of the Partnership which includes the Closing Date, the portion of such fiscal quarter after the Closing Date.

  • Reporting Year means a twelve-month compliance reporting period required under the Applicable Program.

  • Royalty Year means, (i) for the year in which the First Commercial Sale occurs (the “First Royalty Year”), the period commencing with the first day of the Calendar Quarter in which the First Commercial Sale occurs and expiring on the last day of the Calendar Year in which the First Commercial Sale occurs and (ii) for each subsequent year, each successive Calendar Year.

  • Grant Year has the same meaning as in subclause 1(1) of Schedule 1 of HESA; ‘HESA’ means the Higher Education Support Act 2003; ‘maximum basic grant amount’ or ‘MBGA’ has the same meaning as in subclause 1(1) of Schedule 1 of HESA.

  • Anniversary Year The one-year period beginning on the Closing Date and ending on the first anniversary thereof, and each subsequent one-year period beginning on the day after the end of the preceding Anniversary Year and ending on next succeeding anniversary of the Closing Date.

  • Quarterly (1/Quarter) sampling frequency means the sampling shall be done in the months of March, June, August, and December, unless specifically identified otherwise in the Effluent Limitations and Monitoring Requirements table.

  • Calendar Week means any period of seven days starting with the same day as the first day of the First Assignment;

  • Full year refers to the ordinary period of employment for the position.