Hosted Service Sample Clauses

Hosted Service. If a Hosted Service is provided, then subject to the terms and conditions of this XXXX, Vocera grants you the non-exclusive right to utilize the Hosted Service during the applicable Subscription Term solely for use by you and designated affiliates in conjunction with the Vocera Software, and other Products or Services you have licensed or purchased.
Hosted Service. Philips InfoView Software application is powered by and run on the cloud, which is a hot swap redundant server cloud based data repository solution. (“Subscription Host”). Philips does not warrant that the Subscription Host service will be uninterrupted or error free and the Subscription Host service used for the Software is provided subject to the foregoing and other disclaimers set forth in this Agreement applicable to the Software. Customer is reminded that this is an asset management application for biomedical team support and not a clinical application needed to perform patient care services.
Hosted Service. Subject to the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use, the Quote and the Agreement, Xoft will provide Customer with access to the Hosted Service during the term set forth on the applicable Quote. DSL, cable or another high speed Internet connection is required for proper access to the Hosted Service. Customer is responsible for procuring and maintaining the network connections that connect the Customer network to the Hosted Service. Xoft assumes no responsibility for the reliability or performance of any connections as described in this Section. Customer shall not attempt to access any other of Xoft’s systems, programs or data that are not made available for public use in connection with the Hosted Service. In connection with its use of the Hosted Service, Customer shall be entitled to access and use only those modules and software applications of the Hosted Service that are expressly listed on a Quote. No management, development, or technical services are provided by Xoft in connection with the Hosted Service. If Customer desires any such additional services it will need to enter into a separate Quote with Xoft.
Hosted Service. 2.1 Supplier shall make the Software available (99.5% of the time on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis; measured during each calendar month) except during scheduled Maintenance. Supplier shall maintain a secure back-up of all Customer Data.
Hosted Service. Customer may access and use the Hosted Service set forth in each Order Form as further described in the applicable Addenda.
Hosted Service. Customer receives no rights to the Hosted Service other than those specifically granted in Section 2.1 (Hosted Service).
Hosted Service. Spirent warrants that the Hosted Service, when used in accordance with the instructions in the Documentation and this Agreement, will conform to thespecifications expressly set forth in the applicable Documentation. Customer must notify Spirentas soon as practicable of a breach of the foregoing warranty, in which event, Spirent’s entire liability and Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for such breach will be , at Spirent’s election,to either: (A) rectify the Hosted Service so that it so conforms to such warranty; or (B) provide a refund of the fees paid for the Hosted Service under the relevant Order Schedule (pro rated according to the unexpired portion of the then‐current Service Term) in which event the relevant Order Schedule and Customer’s right to access such Service will immediately terminate. Spirent will have no obligation under this Agreement to correct, and Spirent makes no warranty with respect to, errors caused by or relating to: (1) use of the Hosted Service in a manner inconsistent with the Documentation or this Agreement; or (2) third party hardware or software misuse,modification, or malfunction.
Hosted Service. Any Hosted Service subscribed by the Customer on the relevant Schedule shall only be used solely to (i) search, interrogate, and display the Licensed Material on a computer screen primarily for one person’s exclusive use; (ii) make a limited number of printouts of the Licensed Material using the printing commands contained in the Hosted Service; and (iii) down-load and store a single copy of relevant Licensed Material retrieved from Hosted Service solely for audit and regulatory purposes.
Hosted Service a) SEL provides the Program as a hosted service running on a server controlled by SEL. A backup server is kept at a separate location to the primary server, using a replication server to ensure every transaction on the primary server is kept up to date on the backup server. If SEL’s primary server becomes inoperable for any reason, the backup server will become the primary server, a switch that would take place within an hour of Licensee being notified.
Hosted Service. Fracsun is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability, availability, effectiveness, or correct use of information you receive through the Service. The Service maychange from time to time or vary by geographic location. Soiling and weather data may be unavailable, inaccurate, or incomplete, and we expressly disclaim any liability that may result from inaccurate, corrupt, unauthorized or poor-quality data or Documentation. Use of the Service should not replace your good judgment and common sense.