Internal Use Sample Clauses

Internal Use. You will use the Services for Your own internal business, non-residential and non-personal use. You acknowledge and agree that You will not allow any third party, including Your vendors and service providers, to access or use the Services unless such third party is allowed access for the purpose of providing authorized customer support services or in connection with Your appropriate use of the Services for Your own business purposes.
Internal Use. The Subscription License is granted solely to Customer for its and its Affiliates’ internal data processing and data management needs. Customer agrees that the Subscription License does not permit Customer to: (i) make the Software available to anyone other than its authorized Users without Epicor’s prior written consent, which may be withheld in its sole discretion, (ii) use the Software for a timesharing or service bureau application, or (iii) sublicense or encumber the Subscription License and Documentation except as otherwise permitted herein.
Internal Use. The University shall expect a Faculty member to create materials for the record-keeping, evaluation of, and/or presentation to students in the Faculty member's classes (i.e., syllabi, assignments, exams, audiovisual aids, exercises, instructional materials). In such cases the University shall have the right to expect the Faculty member to use such materials in his or her classrooms without the University paying royalties. Except as otherwise provided in this Article, intellectual Property created for the fulfillment of the Faculty member's normal duties and responsibilities are presumed to belong to the Faculty member. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Article, the University has a perpetual, nonexclusive right to use and modify for noncommercial educational uses materials that are owned solely or jointly by the University. The University shall have access to such properties for internal or external review, including regulating and accrediting agencies, governmental authorities, or administrative or judicial proceedings.
Internal Use. Licensee may use Npcap internally for purposes related to development, distribution, testing, and usage of the Covered Products. If Licensee wishes to use Npcap internally for reasons unrelated to the Covered Products, Npcap OEM internal-use licenses are available at The Npcap open source license also allows some limited free internal-use of Npcap.
Internal Use. With respect to data elements identified by Jade as "Internal Use," Licensee may store the data elements on its computer(s) and retrieve a limited number of records for its internal use only, and may not allow a third party any access to database records.